Hypertension In Pregnancy – How to Prevent Complications

Hypertension during pregnancy is the main cause of poor fetal outcomes and maternal death. It is very dangerous as it doesn’t show any symptoms until late in the disease.

According to the medical data, about 5-10 per cent of pregnant women experience high blood pressure being pregnant. In most cases, it lowers to normal by 12 weeks. So hypertension in pregnant women is taken as blood pressure > 140/90.

The causes are badly understood. It is considered that high BP in pregnancy is provoked by inherent disorders with the placenta or circulating conditions that make the BP rise. The causes of hypertension in pregnant women are attributed to unidentified neuro hormonal imbalances.

Hypertension in pregnancy is often silent until the very end when it might show up with disastrous consequences. The symptoms include headache, swelling of feet, pain in the abdomen, blurred vision.

As hypertension in pregnancy provokes symptoms late, there is just one way to identify it by regular checkups. Pregnant women should have their blood pressure checked every month.

The protein present in urine and fits are first signs and the treatment is needed immediately. In cases of eclampsia, the only option is termination of pregnancy regardless of the maturity of the fetus.

Treating hypertension as well as protein in urine during pregnancy usually depends on the severity of proteinuria and BP. Severe cases require treatment with drugs lowering blood pressure. Many medications of this kind are dangerous for the fetus hence blood pressure reducing medicines are to be used under special supervision of the doctor.

High BP without fits or proteinuria is treated conservatively. Low salt and high protein diet is recommended.

There are also alternative ways of preventing hypertension in pregnancy. Following a nutritious and well balanced diet can lower risks of hypertension in pregnant women. Calcium supplementation is also very helpful. A pregnant woman should stay calm at all times. Meditation and yoga reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Pregnant women should spend about 30 min doing moderate physical exercises (walking is very beneficial for pregnant women).

Although there isn’t any particular diet proven for preventing hypertension during pregnancy, it is nice to keep salt consumption at the acceptable levels.

To prevent deaths because high blood pressure in pregnant women is to make the correct diagnosis in proper time. It is vital to realize the advantages of ante natal checkups. Every pregnant woman needs to follow the schedule. Early diagnosis allows starting the treatment and can really save lives.

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