Top 7 Pregnancy Apps

Every pregnant lady is familiar with this irritating situation when you have a lot of things going on at the same time from medical checkups and choosing first purchases for the little one to breath training for contractions and packing your bag to the hospital.

And you are constantly afraid to forget something. The most important something! Fortunately, there are many really helpful programs and tools for moms-to-be and we have listed the top 7 for you.

1. BabyBump Pro

For iPhone and for Android

BabyBump Pro is there to help you to catch every moment of your pregnancy to recall it after and to have enough sources for the next doctor’s appointment. You can track your appetite and cravings, mood and energy together with your belly growing, of course. And all these changes are arranged in accessible charts.

Also it is handy to use BabyBump Pro to count kicks of your baby and contractions when the time comes. In addition, this application is frequently updated and we like each version more and more!

2. What to Expect

For iPhone and for Android

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is a way more than a book, it is a reliable international brand that helps pregnant ladies and their family to find answers to all possible questions. They have released a great app that has actually everything for happy pregnancy.

The very first feature (and the most amazing one!) is videos describing each week of pregnancy. Daily tracker in What to Expect is perfectly personalized and it is absolutely beautiful. And there is so much fun to compare the size of your baby with a fruit or a vegetable (a nice idea for photos, right?). But the most special thing about this program is its community that will support you after your baby is born with highly helpful information, real stories from parents, an opportunity to connect a mother like you at any part of the world and join a discussion group devoted to the topic you are concerned about.

3. The Bump

For iPhone and for Android

The Bump is crammed with handy tools that are necessary from planning pregnancy (fertility days tracking), watching your body change and baby growth to contractions counter. In addition, there are amazing easy tools to arrange feeding, sleeping and vaccination agenda.

Another awesome feature that you will definitely like is a picture of your baby in 3D. You can discover more interesting and entertaining facts about the development of the baby if you tap the area in around its image.

Moreover, there are helpful informative articles about children and possible issues that wait for the majority of new parents.

4. Ovia

For iPhone and for Android

Every pregnancy application suggests a method to watch your baby growing inside, bit Ovia has something incredible: it shows the actual size of the hand of your little one. Are you excited already?

Ovia is like a big loving family supporting you and giving you a helpful reliable advice just at the right moment. Actually, there are 3 programs now for fertility, pregnancy and parenting and each of them has efficient tracking tools, interesting news and articles. And, yes, in case you crave for strawberries at night or you are worried by a certain symptom, there is a quick lookup for all specific issues along with alerts in real time if you have some serious problems.

5. WebMD Pregnancy

For iPhone

Apart from interactive content describing each week of pregnancy, the album for your growing belly and trackers, WebMD Pregnancy is very much focused on health. It covers all the topics from nutrition and supplements to diseases and worrying symptoms. It is like you carry a huge detailed encyclopedia of your family wellbeing in your purse.

Moreover, the application has a specially tailored content for ladies expecting more than one baby. Along with an easy form with questions to your doctor and spaces to fill in the recommendations, checklists to follow all the items you need to welcome your baby and take care of yourself. Make sure, you won’t forget anything!

6. Prenatal Workouts

For iPhone and for Android

Although pregnancy is the most natural condition that can happen to any woman, it causes intensive body burden and it is great to keep yourself fit and active if you have no health issues. The exercises offered in Prenatal Workouts are divided into trimesters and composed on the basis of yoga and pilates.

The best thing is that no special equipment required to perform these light workouts and you can do them anywhere at any time appropriate for you. But, still, it is a training and you should complete routines to open new content. And it has a timer and instructions to keep you on track. Each workout is short, effective and fun!

7. Baby Names

For iPhone and Android

Certainly, the topics concerning health, nutrition, medical assistance and lifestyle of a pregnant lady are unique and personal. While there is definitely one question that every mother in the world thinks over: how I will call my baby? And Baby Names is your lifesaver in searching for the ideal name of your sunshine.

You can choose the best one from more than 30,000 names from different languages and save your favorite choices. Probably, you have some ideas already, compare them with their variations and look for the most popular or rare names. What is more, you can do it together with your partner remotely!

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