Prescription Acne Pills that Work

There is one very particularly distressing thing in lives of both adults and teenagers. It is acne and no one will doubt this. In teenagers acne develops because of hormonal changes in the first place. In women it is a consequence of hormonal changes as well – menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Under the term of acne is understood a very broad number of unpleasant things such as pimples and whiteheads, also blackheads and skin cysts. This awkward and utterly unpleasant state of skin has been a reason for despair for so many people; luckily, nowadays there are a lot of treatment options available and they are pretty effective.

Acne is unpleasant and people try every means to get rid of it. However they not always think properly before choosing what to try. Cleansers that care sols over-the-counter can handle miner acne but in severe cases they will be of little help. In such cases prescription acne pills will be a much better option. Surely enough, it is much more effort involved as you have to go and consult a dermatologist; it can be also a bit higher in price. However, there results will probably also be much better. There are several most frequently used prescription acne pills.

Benzoyl peroxide prescription medication is probably the most popular in the list of prescription acne pills. The main ingredient of it is benzoyl peroxide and it is basically contained in all anti-acne medications. However here the concentration is higher and therefore the preparation is stronger and thus more effective. Still, despite the fact that it is FDA approved it is able to produce adverse effects ? it is able to dry your skin considerably.

Next in the list of prescription acne pills are retinoids. They are considered pretty effective and are capable of solving acne problem pretty fast. However one will have to put up with a certain drawback of the preparation ? it makes the skin extremely sun-sensitive and therefore a person needs a sunblock even if the weather is overcast.

Chemical peel, or microdermabrasion, can be also advised to a person suffering from acne. Though, it is not exactly the best treatment method as long as it only removes the old top skin layer and does not deal with a reason, if it is somehow different. However, it is still pretty useful and does not have any adverse effects and renews the appearance of your skin, which is pretty good in anyway.

Among other prescription acne pills are antibiotics and they are able to help in fighting acne. However, it might be not the best idea in terms of general health as antibiotics tend to kill all bacteria in the body both good and bad and this is not really convenient. That is why it is better not to try antibiotics as acne treatment if it is not exactly necessary.

Women and girls can also be given contraceptives as prescription acne pills. This is a type of alternative to retinoids and antibiotics and other acne medications. These preparations represent a compound of estrogen and progestin and they function by suppressing the activity of androgens ? hormones responsible for the production of oil in the organism. As long as the activity of androgen is suppressed acne is alleviated will less fat produced by the skin. However, as they these polls are hormonal, they can only work in cases when acne is caused by hormonal imbalance and only females.

It is also should be noted that all the prescription acne pills are able to produce certain adverse effects. Perhaps, it is wiser to try some natural remedies first and then only, in case they fail, try something stringer. However, in cases when nothing works, it is better to get the condition treated with at least something effective than suffer from a face you hate to see in the mirror. Still, make sure you consult a doctor before trying any treatment on your own.

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