Best Apps for Your Health

Developers of health applications do their best every day to help you to feel and look better. Why not to try those easy and smart programs to improve your life? We have collected the best 9 applications for you not to get lost among them.

1. Couch to 5K

For iOS and for Android

If you have decided to start running but you can’t run more than 1 kilometer today, it’s ok. You are the beginner and this program The Couch to 5k will help you to overcome 5 kilometers in 2 months. You will start from mild workouts based on combination of light running and walking. And each week you will get closer to the concrete goal: to run 30 minutes without any stop.

2. Zombies, Run!

For iOS and for Android

Make your training more engrossing with this awesome application for runners Zombies, Run! (if you jog or walk, you will like it too). Having downloaded it, you will find yourself in a movie or a computer game about zombies who attacked your city and try to catch you. You will hear your mission to follow and some music for the special climate. As a true hero, you will collect the items and trophies necessary to create your camp. You can adjust the missions to your requirements, run at any location (even at gym), share your results and simply enjoy this adventure with 1 million runners all over the world. Make sure, you will speed up when you hear how zombies are approaching you!

3. Sworkit

For iOS  and for Android

This program is only partially free, but the features that you get without any payment are enough for profound training at any place you choose. You can choose the workout among Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and Strength programs and videos provided by professional instructors with voice guide. You can synchronize Sworkit with other health applications you use and create 1 workout adjusted to your exclusive preferences.

4. Daily Yoga

For iOS  and Android

Do you look at this popular hashtag #yogaeverydamnday and can’t figure out how all these people really practice every day? Probably, they simply installed an efficient application! Try Daily Yoga and get over 50 classes targeted at different areas and goals. It is impossible to get bored with it as one day you need more relaxation and stretching, while the other you feel like bending and balance. And one day the only thing you can do is shavasana and meditation. And this app has it all for all levels with an informative video description of over 500 asanas.

5. Fooducate

For iOS and Android

Use Fooducate to make your shopping more healthy and reach your goals whether you want to lose weight, eat more greenery or to cut on sugar. You can scan any barcode of any product right in the shop and have a look if you hold an appropriate product for your target in the arms. In addition, there are many easy recipes from the Fooducate community and options for tracking how hungry you are at different periods of the day, your mood and sleep.

6. ShopWell

For iOS and for Android

The main thing that we like about ShopWell is its personalization features. Actually, healthy eating is an extremely complicated sphere, and if you have just started your way of changing eating behavior for better, ShopWell will be definitely useful for you. At the beginning, you enter all your individual physical parameters, allergies and food requirements and it analyzes every product according to your specification. Moreover, you always carry a food expert in your pocket as it provides nutritional facts, product ingredients and helpful advice.

7. MyFitnessPal

For iOS and for Android

Probably, you have already been familiar with amazing MyFitnessPal, the most popular program for tracking your fitness, eating behavior and health in the world. It is beneficial for people with absolutely different health tasks: to gain weight or to lose it, to decrease fat or to grow more muscles. There are 6 million various foods which can help you to make ultimate food choices depending on your current diet. And it has been proven that those people who keep their eating diary gain their food goal twice more efficiently.

8. Happify

For iOS and for Android

Happify is great to amend your emotional well-being. It provides really working tools, meditations, games and tracks for you to control your state, thoughts and feeling better. And to be more happy learning and using easy techniques taking only several minutes of your day. This is an ultimate app for developing positive thinking, successful overcoming stressful situations (that everyone, surely, has), changing your attitude and mood for the one that will make your life much better. And when you are waiting for the bus or stand in a queue, tap Happify and become a master of small but substantial shifts in your life.

9. Sleepbot

For iOS and for Android

If you have some sleep issues or want to change your sleep-wake routine, Sleepbot is a perfect tool to help you. It follows your natural sleep cycle, wakes you up gently when you are better prepared for it and reminds you when it is perfect for you to go to bed. It is really easy to navigate and one-tap functions are really simple to use even if you are too tired. As a result of improving the pattern, your sleep becomes more efficient and you get rest for less time waking up refreshed.

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