7 Life Hacks to Boost Your Energy in Spring

The spring is in full bloom now, but despite it is already warm and lovely outside, many people feel exhausted, lack of energy and don’t like their reflection in the mirror. It happens because of vitamin deficiency (especially vitamin D), accumulated fatigue during winter months and non-balanced diet. We have collected seven unobvious life hacks to help you get out of hibernation, organize everyday life in more efficient ways and get inspired by the wakening nature.

1. Try a light-up alarm clock
If your working schedule requires you to get up earlier than you would like, but you hate the sound of alarm clock – try a light-up alarm clock. Approximately half an hour before the set time, this gadget will gradually increase its brightness, imitating the dawn. It is proved that light-up alarms favorably influence the levels of important hormones (cortisol and melatonin) and are even effective in treating seasonal mood disorders.

2. Remember your New Year’s resolutions
It seems that the year has just recently begun, but it’s already four months behind. To feel inner peace, have a look at the New Year’s resolution list and start implementing your plan step by step. According to statistics, only 9% of people achieve the goals set at the beginning of the year. Mainly it depends on the fact that they have set clear, achievable and clearly formulated goals, and they carefully plan how to implement them. If you do not have such a list, nothing prevents you from creating it – and start working in the remaining months. It will give you a pleasant feeling of having clear and achievable goals and increase self-esteem.

3. Buy fruits and vegetables at local markets
It is much better to buy local vegetables and fruits at the local markets than in and supermarket. Products are tastier, more useful (no wax coating for example) and often cheaper. Now, in the beginning of May, food markets are already full of fresh green veggies – spinach, dill, parsley – they are so great energy boosters for health!

4. Plan your vacation in advance
Even if right now you do not have the opportunity to fly to your favorite vocation place, the very fact of having tickets and hotel reservation improves the mood. Still there are a few months till the vocation, you can manage to buy tickets at reasonable prices, plan a route and save the necessary budget without getting into debt. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, can not stand August heat in the city, or regularly feel depressed in November, it makes sense to distribute vacation days among these periods and plan carefully where exactly you would like to go.

5. Give a spring note to your apartment look
It is not necessary to do a serious refurbishment or buy new expensive curtains: replace the old framed photos with the recent ones, buy new sofa cushions in tender spring tones, or paint your favorite bookshelf in bright yellow. A bunch of fresh tulips on the coffee table will definitely create a spring mood, and the process of cleaning is a great energy booster that will distract you from current problems.

7. Take care of your hair
During winter your poor hair was influenced by low temperatures outside and the dryness of the air inside, followed by vitamin deficiency of first spring months. So it can be dry, dull and brittle. It’s time to boost your hair: buy a high-quality mask and conditioner, change your hair color if you feel so. A new haircut, not even the most radical, will help to get rid of split ends and refresh the total look.

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