Hormone Breast Enlargement

Many ladies are dissatisfied with their breast size. While most people do not really care, and it is what’s your soul is like that matters, there are quite a lot of females that resort to hormone breast enlargement to increase bust size at least to some extent. What are the hormones involved in the process? And is it safe to take such pills?

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We normally do not notice it, but our breast changes every month due to hormone shifting resulting from periods. Breast tissue is affected by hormones, and breast composition, tenderness and size can change throughout the month as your body adapts to a particular menstrual cycle stage.

Hormonal changes influence many aspects of body systems, and introducing extra hormones to increase bust size is associated with increased risk of a variety of diseases.


The latter is a reproductive hormone that can be found in a woman’s body throughout the menstrual cycle. If a woman is pregnant, her progesterone level increases. Progesterone is a natural hormone produced by the body. It can increase breast size by affecting glandular tissue. As the hormone level increases, the tissues in the breast respond and start growing. Hormone enlargement pills based on progesterone functions contain progestin, a synthetic chemical that is designed to be similar to natural progesterone. The mechanism behind such pills is tricking the body into thinking it’s pregnant: milk production does not start, but tissues begin to grow.

Growth hormones

This kind of hormones is not intended for breast enlargement (actually, no hormone should be used for this purpose, but that’s another story), and taking them may lead to development of serious conditions. They can help increase breast size, but the cost is likely to be immense.


This hormone is normally found in women, and it affects breast size, but it’s not used for breast enlargement in females. Nowadays estrogen is administered to those people who used to be males but decided to become transgender. The hormone is administered to force the body to think it should work like that of a woman, but it usually leads to serious complications, including cancer, atherosclerosis, and heart problems.

Is hormone breast enlargement safe?

The short answer is no. There is no evidence suggesting such pills or injections may be beneficial, and some of them can even lead to the opposite and suppress breast growth.

The hormonal imbalance resulting from intake of such pills may have fatal consequences, such as breast cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases. Even if hormones do enlarge bust in some women, it’s definitely not the only effect they produce on the body.

Another reason why hormone breast enlargement should be avoided is that some pills contain plant-derived phytoestrogens, or compounds that are similar to women’s reproductive hormones. These chemicals may interfere with activity of medications, including warfarin, a medicine used for blood thinning. That being said, trying to increase your bust size using hormones, be it phytoestrogens or something else, is dangerous not only because it can trigger dangerous changes in the body, but also because they can prevent some medications from working properly. In case of blood thinning medications, it can mean increased risk of blot clots.

The bottom line is that breast enlargement is a dangerous business, and it’s not worth the risk – there is no shame in having a small bust. Doctors recommend that one avoids hormone breast enlargement, as it is not safe, and effectiveness of phytoestrogens is not proved. For many women, surgery is still a preferred option, but you should remember that it also is associated with a wide range of possible complications.


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