Healthy Eating Habits in Spring to Look Stunning in Summer

Let’s talk about nine basic principles how to adjust your diet and lifestyle in spring to recharge the batteries after winter days and get ready for summer season.

The first and most common problem is spring vitamin deficiency (especially vitamin D) and low immunity with the following symptoms as increased fatigue, irritability, headaches and dizziness, frequent respiratory diseases. It can cause a decrease in vision, dryness of the skin, brittle hair and nails. Especially often the protective functions of the body decrease in inhabitants of big cities, who have to mobilize all their internal resources in order to withstand such negative factors as bad ecology, chaotic diet, irregular work and rest regime, stresses, insomnia.Here are nine simple principles to solve this problem:

  1. Well-balanced nutrition, rich in vitamins, minerals and plant fibers can significantly help to cope with the spring vitamin deficiency. Additionally, we recommend taking vitamin-mineral supplements, to choose the right one for you consult your therapist. It is equally important to drink enough pure still water to ensure smooth work of the intestine and natural detoxification of the body. Also it is necessary to refuse smoking, alcohol abuse and eating junk food. And, finally, start regular fitness
  2. As spring is approaching, the immune system weakens, that’s why spring colds are so wide-spread. To prevent it, eat enough products rich in nutrients and vitamins. It is important to eat healthy on a daily basis, as the body can not store nutrients for a long time.
  3. Do not forget about cereals, legumes, nuts and dried fruits, which even in spring retain in vitamins B and E (which protect immunity and decrease stresses and mood disorders), iron, selenium and zinc. Eat low-fat beef, poultry, and dairy products. Avoid canned and junk food.
  4. Even if you control your weight, do not exclude bread completely, just choose whole-grain one.
  5. Frozen berries and fruits that were grown under natural conditions under the sun are one of the best products for spring. Despite they lose some of vitamins, the remaining macro and microelements are enough to saturate your diet with useful nutrients. Root veggies are also good to eat, first of all, cabbage, carrots, beets, onions, turnips, as well as the first seasonal greens – onions, parsley and dill.
  6. Cereal grain sprouts are one of the most amazing and energizing products. When grains sprout, all the useful substances get their active forms, and its nutrient value increases several times. Choose seeds with sprouts no more than 1-2 mm, add them to salads, soups and smoothies.
  7. Food rich in natural vitamins and nutrients will give you energy after winter. These include, first of all, cereals, which combine simple and complex carbs, energizing for most of the day, and frozen or dried vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as root crops, dried fruits and nuts. Freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices give strength and restore vivacity, as well as decoctions using natural tonic – ginger or lemon.
  8. ‘Good’ fats are needed in the spring for good health and correct functioning of the immune system, as they are not only a source of energy, but also a building material, a lipid coating for every cell in the body. Therefore, keep eggs, Nordic sea fish, lean meat and dairy products in your diet. Be especially careful with a low-fat diet in the early spring.
  9. The best breakfast for the spring period is a plate of porridge with fresh, frozen or dried fruits or berries, honey and cinnamon – it will boost your energy for a long time. Fruits are perfect for snacks or, as an option, you can eat light vegetarian soup or a handful of nuts and dried fruits. At dinner, choose lean meat or fish, steamed or baked in the oven, and veggie salad. Dinner should be light and no later than 7 pm – later food creates additional stress for the body. Lean fish, turkey, chicken breast or beans with fresh or cooked vegetables are a smart choice.

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