Thyroid Hormone Test Important Facts

Thyroid problems are not uncommon in the modern world. There are a lot of people in the States that somehow are affected by thyroid disorder. Normally the thyroid gland secretes certain amount of hormone thyroxin, or T4. The problems start when the grand starts producing either excessive amounts of it or not enough. This results in a different speed with which a body uses the energy and therefore affecting a person’s general health and wellbeing.

There are two forms of thyroid disease – hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism means that the gland is underactive or is not active at all; therefore it does not produce enough hormone for normal functioning of organism. As a result, a person experiences problems with hearing, chills and frequent constipation, fatigue, starts gaining weight and feels depressed.

If a person starts experiencing any of such symptoms, he is likely to have hypothyroidism. There is a pretty simple test that can reveal the real state of things – it is called the thyroid-stimulating hormone test (TSH), or just thyroid hormone test. It shows how much T4, or thyroxine hormone is secreted by the gland. This is how scarcity is detected.

In case of hyperthyroidism the story is opposite. Hyperthyroidism means that the thyroid gland is overly active and too much of thyroxide is secreted. This causes increased appetite and weight loss as a result, rapid and irregular heartbeat, anxiety and nervousness, also tremors, abnormal sweating, sleeping difficulties also very characteristic to the disease. To diagnose a person with hyperthyroidism the same test is carried out. The thyroid hormone test will show in this case an excess of T4 in the blood.

A thyroid hormone test will show exactly what is wrong with the gland. A person treated for hypothyroidism requires his thyroid hormone levels to be restored so that the organism would not feel the scarcity. This is usually done with such artificial thyroid hormones as levothyroxin or Synthroid. In the opposite case when the gland is overactive, the levels of hormone are either reduced with the help of medications or the gland or its part is removed surgically and further on a person has to take synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of his life. The last option is not very bright but it is better than the consequences of unattended hyperthyroidism.

A thyroid hormone test is exactly presupposed to help understand what is wrong with the performance of the thyroid gland. It is very important not to neglect the gland as it is directly responsible for the processes of body growth and metabolism.

First thing that is important is to know the symptoms of the thyroid disorder and be able to distinguish them. They have been mentioned above and are better to be learned.

In case you feel that something wrong and all the symptoms coincide, ask your doctor to arrange you a thyroid hormone test. They are generally carried out together with blood tests measuring THS levels.

Generally these tests does not take long, your results will be ready in a couple of days and you will know why exactly you feel unwell or else. You will be able to discuss the results of your thyroid hormone test with your doctor and learn what to do next.

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