The Best and Worst Products to Start Your Day

Breakfast is the most significant meal, they say. And you should choose the products for your empty stomach carefully. Apparently, some food improves digestive system while others are harmful to be eaten right after you wake up.

We have collected the lists of the most destructive and efficient products for an empty stomach.

Let’s start from the worst group.

  1. Citrus fruit
    There is much citrus acid in citrus fruit that causes a burning sensation in an empty stomach which can lead to gastritis and stomach ulcer. Moreover, they provoke allergies, and even if you are not prone to this disease, citrus fruit eaten first can cause undesired brash.Fresh orange juice also cannot be the first drink you have after you wake up. It will extensively burden the liver leading, again, to gastritis.
  2. Banana
    Bananas are famous for high content of magnesium but if you eat them first, this magnesium is absorbed too rapid and your heart will be overloaded. Bananas on an empty stomach destroy abraum balance making you feel flabby for the whole day.
  3. Raw vegetables
    Acids in raw vegetables irritate empty stomach provoking a burning sensation and flatus which can result in gastritis. This acids increase stomach acidity and should be consumed for lunch, dinner or snack.
  4. Yogurt
    Yogurt in the morning is neither harmful, nor beneficial for your health in the morning. It is “useless” because it has lactic and bifid bacteria that simply die in the aggressively acid stomach environment. That is why dairy products are good when you have already eaten something during the day.
  5. Cold drinks
    Cold drinks deprave blood circulation in stomach that is why food consumed after is digested hardly. Moreover, it is not healthy to drink anything together with meal as far as it also worsens proper digestion process.
  6. Sweets
    It is highly possible that people who suffer from diabetes loved to have something sweet on an empty belly. Any sugar intake increases insulin production extremely overloading gut-bread, but after a period of time without any food it is much more harmful.
  7. Fancy bake
    Yeasts irritate stomach walls and hot pastry provokes increased ebullition and abdominal distention. While fat and sugar will be stored as excessive calories in your body.
  8. Coffee
    Yes, we know, it is hard to admit but coffee is a deadly attack for your health on an empty stomach. Coffee irritates mucous membrane that can end up with gastritis. Liver is also in stress to purify the body despite the fact that it woke up several minutes ago.

However, there are several products that will charge you with energy and satiate your body with nutrients without any harm for the digestion.

  1. Oatmeal
    Warm oatmeal porridge wraps the stomach membrane and protects it from the influence of hydrochloric acid. Also it contains carbohydrates, minerals and fiber that decreases the level of cholesterol.
  2. Eggs
    Eggs are rich with vitamin A and protein which will make you feel full fast and for a long period. It also helps to eat less during the day after a breakfast with fried or boiled eggs. But they also have much cholesterol that is why it is not recommended to eat eggs more than twice a week.
  3. Whole-meal bread
    No yeasts whole-meal bread provide much mineral salt, group B vitamins and carbohydrates that perfectly saturate the body and no do not provoke digestion issues.
  4. Honey
    Organic honey from a reliable farmer will help you to experience energy surge after only 2 or 3 tea spoons. If mixed with warm water, honey gently cleans the digestive system and prepares it for the meal. And it is the best drink for an empty stomach.
  5. Cheese
    Chees is high in protein and calcium and it is perfectly digested. We are talking about sorts with solid yellow mass like Gouda. Moreover, they are nicely compound with whole-meal bread and eggs that are perfect to be eaten first after you wake up.
  6. Nuts
    Nuts are the source of plant protein and they have a lot of other nutrients helpful for the whole body. They are perfect for snack if you have to stay without proper meal for some time while travelling or working.

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