How to Keep Yourself Stable after Weight Loss

Getting rid of weight is a challenge itself for many people, and it is quite a common thing to hope that it will be the biggest challenge so far. However, it appears that maintaining one’s achievement in a long-term perspective becomes even more complicated and tricky than the whole period of losing extra pounds has been.

In the United States, where obesity is one of the major issues to deal with, a lot of people find themselves engaged in a battle with weight that seems to be endless. According to a number of studies, partial to full amount of weight people have previously lost tends to be gained back within the next five years, with only about 1 in 5 people keeping it at the same, lower mark.

And while all people lose weight in different ways, there is pretty much the same way they get it back. Thus, a number of tips have been created in order to help people struggling with constant threat of gaining pounds lost due to hard work back.

  • Don’t run for quick weight loss. Numerous studies have concluded that it is both safe and effective in the long-term to lose 1-2 pounds per week. If you aim for 20+ pounds per month, be ready to gain it back with some extra as fast as you got rid of it earlier;
  • Establish nutrient-rich, healthy diet on a permanent basis. People far too often fall into trap thinking that it’s totally fine to get back to their old eating habits after becoming satisfied with their weight and appearance. However, it is not only that our body is very much able to adapt and will take your increasing food intake as an opportunity to store up some fat in case a host decides to starve (yes, this is how an organism takes it) again. It is also necessary for a body to receive the same amount of healthy foods to keep one’s metabolism level high enough to stay slim and fit. Therefore, diet should be seen as a way of life and not cause discomfort of a person. Food journal may be a great way to go here;
  • Maintain proper regime. Of course, minor alterations are perfectly possible, but in general it is really important for one to have enough sleep at pretty much the same time at night and not to skip meals. Unfortunately, in everyday rush far too many of us only make room for a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, while breakfast, by some estimates, is the most needed meal of the day for our system;
  • Do not forget about exercising. Quite a few people happily land back on a couch when their diet is officially over. Anyhow, sedentary lifestyle has never been of help in keeping stable weight, it has only been to increase of one’s body mass. Physical activity must be an essential part of life of any person who wants to keep the numbers on their scale stable. You just need to pick the kind of it that pleases you to painlessly include it into your daily routine;
  • Use support from people close to you. Dieting often happens under a lot of social pressure and others’ attitude that seems to look like support, but turns out to be quite toxic. Thus, you should mobilize all sources of actually productive support from your friends, family or other people that will give you strength to follow the chosen path, not take it from you to deal with those people.

As numerous modern diets have proven not to be of much help, the only effective way of losing weight and maintain the result afterwards is to reconsider one’s lifestyle. That requires a lot of things from the daring one, but in the end leads to life that is much higher in quality.

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