Second Hand Smoking and Its Effects

Second hand smoking has never been a more burning topic than recently.

It is also known under the term of passive smoking and tends to be considered a type of tobacco-related diseases in medical terms according to the effect it produces on a person’s health. Moreover, the topic also arouses the issue of a smoker’s responsibility in front of other people and smoking in public in general.

Under the term second hand smoking is understood the condition when a non-smoking person has to inhale the smoke produced by smokers in the same room or in the situation when it cannot be avoided.

Thus, these people having no intention of smoking actually do it and this is almost exactly as if they smoked themselves. Actually, such smoking has got pretty the same effect on a person’s system causing different illnesses and ailments.

Public smoking due to these factors has become a burning issue and a lot of tobacco companies and just employers have to face lawsuits nowadays. They are charged with the negative effect that smoking produce on a person’s health. At the present moment a person was affected by second hand smoking and got some illness in the result of it, is eligible for certain financial compensation.

Lawsuits filed against employers are also frequent and there are people who decide that they do not want to get sick just because their fellow co-workers do not care and employers are indifferent to a problem. It is a responsibility of employers to provide free and safe working environment and they should adhere to this law.

Second hand smoking is fraught with effects that can be both long term and immediate. To the latter refer irritation in the eye, sore throat and cough, headache are frequent as well as nausea and dizziness.

Long-term effects of second hand smoking are even more severe. First of all such smoking can easily be a reason of lung cancer development in passive smokers as well as in active. Moreover, even if a person does not smoke but has to stay in the smoking environment, his risk of having such a cancer increases greatly.

Second hand smoking also increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in a person. Passive smoking is really not so innocent as it seems to be and it really can impair the functioning of the heart pretty considerably. Second hand smoking is a frequent reason for atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. People frequently affected by cigarette smoke are at risk of having a heart attack twice more than people who does not inhale such smoke. The same goes with the stroke – 80% of people exposed to smoke are at risk of getting a stroke.

One of the other unpleasant after effects of second hand smoking is the risk of developing asthma. The risk of having it is twice as high in non-smokers that are exposed to smoke that in those who are not. And is the exposure is really hard – smoking at home or the like, the risk is even 5 times higher. Any kind of smoking is bad for patients with asthma, be it active or passive.

Breast cancer can be also contributed to second hand smoking to some extent. Pregnant women should avoid cigarette smoke let alone not smoke themselves. Otherwise it can be fraught with serious health problems for the fetus and future baby.

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