Seasonal Allergy and the Ways to Eliminate It

Allergy is an unpredictable condition. Most of them are detected in the early childhood, but they might as well stay undetected. According to the statistics, allergies affect thirty percent of adults of the world, as well as approximately forty percent of children. The higher affection rate among children is usually explained by the weakness of the immune system. Thus, with time, allergies may disappear. However, what can you personally do for that?

  1. Boost your immune system. Eat more vitamins, drink fresh juices and smoothies. However, be careful if you have a food allergy.
  2. Work out regularly. Regular sports improve your health and make your body fight the allergens.
  3. In spring and summer, the periods of activation of allergies, take anti-allergy medicines. However, try and treat your allergy only with homoeopathic medications and avoid antibiotics.
  4. Try to avoid exposing to allergens during their activity periods. It is ok to go to work by taxi during the allergen activation; it will provide you with the necessary precaution against outdoor allergies and will save you from the contact.
  5. You may never be careful enough when dealing with allergies, especially if their source is unknown. This way, you should always carry an adrenaline medication, just to be on the safe side. The anaphylactic shock is a very dangerous phenomenon, which is caused by the direct exposal to the allergen and can be manifested in asphyxia. The only effective medication at anaphylactic shock is adrenaline.

There can be thousands of types of allergies. However, the classification is rather simple. To know what allergy you have, first, you should consider the allergy type. There are the following types of allergens:

Thus, you can see that the allergy phenomenon, especially the seasonal allergy, can be very dangerous, but it is possible to try and prevent it if you follow the simple steps mentioned in our article.

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