Facial Fitness – Lifting without Surgery

Facial fitness is a set of exercises for face muscles that helps to make skin more firm, it smoothes wrinkles and tucks up skin without any surgery. Only 20 minutes of practice twice a day will grant you with amazing results in a month: complexion improves, a fullness under the eyes and double chin disappear, nasolabial folds and lateral canthal lines uncrumple. This fitness program for the face will help you to look 5 or even 10 years younger and it is absolutely for free!

If you want to get some reliable resources about facial fitness, we would recommend you the books of Reinhold Benz, the author of facebuilding. In his books he explains and demonstrates that there are more than 100 various facial muscles that grow weak without physical activity. While trained muscles create a firm frame for the skin smoothing wrinkles.

Regular facebuilding practice helps you to improve your face as far as they intensify blood circulation and oxygen supply to the cells. And fast positive results are guaranteed due to the fact that facial muscles are smaller and thinner than other muscles of our body and they are easily trained. Moreover, you do not need any gadgets to perform these exercises – and it is another substantial argument for starting facial work out today!

How to Practice Facial Fitness

The main rule of facial fitness is the following: fix muscle that you train with finger cushions to avoid bends. Also it is necessary to relax other facial muscles that are not engaged in the exercise. Facebuilding beginners must follow the instruction for the exercises and perform them in front of the mirror. Some of them might seem to you ridiculous and the practice can appear to be too precise, but facial fitness training is definitely worth trying.

Don’t be afraid of light burning or tingling sensation. It appears when muscles are trained at maximum and it means that you are doing everything right but you should not work hard. To start with, look at yourself in the mirror and analyze which groups of muscles you want to train more.

There are 7 basic groups of muscles in face workout:

  • eye muscles;
  • nasal muscles;
  • mouth muscles;
  • mastication muscles;
  • scalp muscles;
  • necks muscles;
  • ear muscles.

You can begin with training forehead, mouth and eyes to feel the positive changes in a week. Face fitness instructors recommend starting from 20-minute practice twice a day. Morning exercises will help you to refresh yourself and evening workout is good for relaxation.

Exercise for forehead: shrug off horizontal forehead lines

Put your fingers on forehead as shown in the picture, ring fingers are on eyebrows. Rise your eyebrows overcoming resistance of your eyebrows.

Exercise for forehead: shrug off number 11 lines

Put pointer fingers on your eyebrows as shown in the picture, press them slightly to eyebrows and knit brows together. Fingers slightly resist.

Exercise for eyelids: strengthen lower lids

Put your fingers on the corners of the eyes: pointer fingers on the external corners and middle fingers on the internal. Be accurate not to create new lines. Press gently, look above, squint your eyes intensively. Relax, open eyelids wide.

Exercise for eyelid: remove crow’s feet

Put ring fingers a little higher than corners of the eyes on the edge of eye pit as shown in the picture. Close your eyes, the fingers will move. Don’t resist moving of the muscles.

Exercise for the neck: remove second chin

Sit straight, the chin is raised up. Smile lightly. Put your hand to the bottom of your neck and press slightly.

Exercise for lips – lift corners of the mouth

Clasp your lips. Put your pointer fingers to the places where you have lines when you smile normally. Try to raise corners of your mouth like you slightly smile. Fingers are holding corners of the mouth. Lower them down.

After the facial fitness practice it is highly efficient to apply your favorite lifting cream or anti-aging serum that will give better effect on warmed-up face.

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