Blood Cancer Myeloma Facts

Cancer has got many forms and one of them is blood cancer myeloma or multiple myeloma. This particular cancer influences the bone marrow plasma cells. In a healthy organism these cells are capable of producing antibodies – so called immunoglobulin. This is a part of the natural functioning of immune system. However in an organism affected by cancer plasma cells cannot function properly and start producing tumors called plasmacytomas. In case it is a single plasma cell tumor it has a name of isolated (or solitary) plasmacytoma. While multiple myeloma means that several plasma cell tumors have developed.

Blood cancer myeloma can be diagnosed according to such symptoms as anemia in the first place. A person’s organism finds it difficult to fight any infections and various problems with nervous system are pretty frequent. Other symptoms include bruising and increased bleeding as well as weakening of bones. The lever of calcium in blood increases excessively and this is can end with a coma. Among other signs of multiple myeloma are problems with kidneys and bone pains.

Blood cancer myeloma is uncommon condition; however, there are factors that can affect a person’s chances to get it. Multiple myeloma is frequently met among seniors over 65 years of age and very rare in young age. It is also mostly men that get the condition and in their majority they are black. The risk of having multiple myeloma increases in case a person was exposed to radiation or if he or she works in the industries that deal with petroleum. It passes in the families; so if a person’s parents or siblings have got multiple myeloma, the risk is much higher. People with plasma cell diseases and Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance frequently liable to develop blood cancer myeloma later in life.

At the present moment other risk factors are examined. The effect of harmful chemicals and germs is studied as well as the possibility of certain foods to trigger the condition. The connection between obesity and chances to get ill with blood cancer myeloma are estimated.

But the sad truth is that at the present moment no real cause for multiple myeloma is known. One thing is for sure – the ailment is not contagious and you can’t get in the street and through the simple contact with other person. Nowadays it is a great puzzle for scientists to find out what triggers the condition and how to prevent it.

Life expectancy of blood cancer myeloma patients cannot be definitely stated as it depends on many individual characteristics. Let alone age, sex, race and general health state, other factors also play a great role. Not the last thing means a person’s mood and will power and will to live. Physically and mentally strong people are able to struggle longer. But a lot depends also on how a person reacts to treatment and a t what stage blood cancer myeloma was diagnosed. Stem cell transplants and chemotherapy as well as thalidomide medications and steroids are all used in multiple myeloma treatment and every person reacts differently to it.

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