Get Your Breakfast Ready!

You can cook your breakfast in the evening before a busy morning if you know that there is no chance for you to spend even 5 minutes in the kitchen tomorrow!

1. Lazy porridge

Take a jar with a cap and put there 3 layers: the 1st layer is oatmeal flakes, the 2nd layer is chia seeds, the 3rd layer is a mashed banana. Add milk that suits your current diet and shake the jar well. To this basic mixture you can add any berries, fruit, nuts, honey, chocolate, jam or syrup.

2. Fruit salad

Fruit salad is an ideal option for any diet and you will find basic ingredients everywhere. Cut 1 banana, 1 apple or 1 pear, 1 orange and add some berries and nuts. You can use orange juice, organic honey or yogurt as topping or you can use the following recipe to cook a delicious chocolate sauce without chocolate at all.

For healthy chocolate sauce you need: 1 avocado, 1 banana, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil, 3 tablespoons of water. Mix all the ingredients in blender.

3. Protein smoothie with oatmeal

Smoothie is a great take-away breakfast that you can enjoy on your way to the office or university. If you know that you will not have any time at all in the morning, you can even put all the ingredients into the blender before you go to bed in the evening and simply mix them well in the morning.

Blend 1 banana, 10 strawberries, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 3 tablespoons of oatmeal flakes and 250 ml of milk. Plant-based milk (for example, coconut or almond milk) also works great here!

4. Banana pancakes

When you feel like cooking something healthy and square, you can use this recipe of pancakes that consists of 2 bananas, 1 apple, 500 ml of any sort of milk, 2 glasses of wholegrain wheat flour, 1 glass of corn flour and 3 tea spoons of sugar. Mix all the ingredients together and fry pancakes using coconut oil.

Serve the pancakes with honey, peanut butter, maple syrup together with any fruit or berries that you have.

5. Chocolate pudding

Perhaps, you will be happy to add some chocolate flavour to make any morning happier. This recipe of chocolate pudding has unsaturated fats and digestible protein that are beneficial for your body. And no sugar, of course!

Put into the blender and mix well 1 full-ripe avocado, 1 big banana, 3 table spoons of cacao powder, 1 table spoon of honey or maple syrup, 4 table spoons of natural yogurt, 2 table spoons of ricotta or cottage cheese and 1 table spoon of vanilla extract. Decorate the pudding with berries, fruit or nuts.

6. Baked apples with condiment

Crispy fleshy apple with delicate condiment of ricotta, chocolate, honey and fresh ginger is an amazing alternative to ordinary sandwiches in the morning.

You need 2 big sweet apples, 250 grams of ricotta, 1 centimeter of fresh ginger, 50 grams of bitter chocolate, 2 table spoons of honey, 2 table spoons of lemon juice. Cut apples in halves, take out flesh leaving 1 cm from the rind. Cut flesh, spray it with lemon juice. Rub ginger and chocolate, mix it with ricotta, honey and apple flesh. Put mixture into the apple cups, bake for 10 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees.

7. Quiche with ham in mug

Quiche is an open pie with omelette. And you can add to basic omelette mixture any products left you have in the fridge: beacon, ham, mushrooms, bell pepper, tomatoes, zucchini or herbs.

Mix together in a big mug 1 egg, 2 table spoons of milk, 2 tea spoons of cream cheese of choice (for example, Philadelphia or Mascarpone), cut piece of loaf and cut ham. Add some salt, pepper and herbs you like (oregano is perfect here!). Put the mug with a mixture into the microwave machine and cook for around 2 minutes.

8. Chocolate pie in microwave

This is another peculiar recipe of a fast dish in the microwave machine. Chocolate muffins can be ready literally in 5 minutes! Here you need 2 mugs: 1 for the mugging and 1 for delicious tea or coffee to be brewed while the muffin is baked.

Mix in a big mug the following ingredients: 4 table spoons of flour, 4 table spoons of sugar, 3 table spoons of cocoa powder, quarter of spoon of baking powder, quarter of spoon of salt, 1 egg, 3 table spoons of milk, 1 table spoon of oil. Add a piece of chocolate or caramel to the center of the mixture. Cook the muffin for 2 minutes in the microwave machine.

9. Mediterranean omelette

If you can’t imagine your morning without fried eggs, we suggest you to diversify your ordinary recipe and add some colours!

For Mediterranean omelette you need 2 eggs, 4 cherry tomatoes, 50 grams of mozzarella cheese, 20 grams of butter, 50 grams of basil, 1 table spoon of olive oil, salt and pepper to your taste.

Cut and stew tomatoes for 3 minutes, cover them with eggs mixed with salt and pepper. Add pieces of mozzarella and basil in 1 minute. When the omelette is ready, spray olive oil and leave it for 5 minutes.

10. Frittata

Frittata is another option of slashing hot breakfast that will make you full until lunch. You can choose the ingredients according to your choice and add cheese, vegetables or meat. Especially, if you have some leftover from yesterday dinner!

We suggest the following recipe, but you can vary it to your taste: 6 eggs, 1 bell pepper, 1 red onion, 2 table spoons of parsley, 150 grams of broccoli, 2 table spoons of olive oil, 30 grams of butter, pepper, salt and oregano to your taste.

Mix eggs with salt, pepper and oregano. Cut broccoli, bell pepper and parsley. Fry onion on butter, add broccoli, bell pepper and egg mixture. Add parsley and spray with olive oil. In 5 minutes put the pan with frittata into the oven for 10-15 minutes. Serve with rubbed cheese.

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