Natural Depression Medication – Strategies to Cope with Depression

As a matter of fact there are effective natural ways to treat depression without medicines which involve a holistic body and mind approach that includes different strategies to cure the symptoms.

The action course for a particular case depends on the character of symptoms. For example, low level depression may be self managed, whereas serious depression can be cured only by professional help.

In order to treat depression in a natural way it’s necessary to know that in fact, mood disorders may be caused by both psychological and physical factors. Every case is personal, and sometimes it is not obvious which factor plays a bigger role. To provide feedback in setting a personal action plan it is necessary to hold a total physical checkup.

General areas to pay close attention on include:

  • Diet health
  • Stress reduction
  • Unresolved emotional problems issues

As trauma is natural for human beings, unresolved emotional problems often result in severe depression. Sometimes we keep carrying the energy of emotional problems from earlier periods of life.

This might affect all people in various degrees. The researchers think unresolved emotional problems are often the main cause of different diseases. In case you suspect unresolved trauma including sexual or child abuse, the best way is to seek for professional therapy. Self help options are available for less severe cases.

Skills of stress management are necessary in our fast changing world.

Meditation, relaxation training and biofeedback are natural depression medications which are helpful for releasing stress.

Emotions we feel are totally dependent on the diet habits and digestion. The intestines as well as the stomach have sensitive nervous network under the name enteric nervous system. Stress badly affects the nervous system which might lead to indigestion, ulcers or acid reflux.

Processed food may provoke allergic reaction in the digestive system due to artificial additives contained in such foods. It is advised to switch to natural, organic food. It is of highly importance to remove food allergens from your diet.

Natural depression medications

As a matter of fact natural depression medications are another method to help you mitigate depression. St. John’s wort and Passionflower are the most famous herbs generally used for such disorders. The herbs are extremely effective if you have insomnia as one of depression symptoms.

There is a number of various supplements to be used as natural depression medications:

  • multi-vitamin supplement
  • amino acids
  • omega 3 fatty acids (fish, borage oil, flax)
  • SAMe
  • 5-HTP

One of the most popular natural depression treatments includes a strategy which considers stress reduction, diet changes and unresolved emotional problems. It is possible to find a proper natural depression medication and it would be easier if you visit a naturopathic doctor to assess you physical and emotional state and choose the best natural depression treatment.

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