Genital Warts during Pregnancy Issues

Women expecting a baby and having genital warts during pregnancy are understandably worried. The chances that a new-born baby will get the infection are pretty small but they exist and any mother will do anything to prevent it. However taking into consideration the health state of a pregnant woman with all the peculiarities, the treatment is different from what is usually prescribed in such cases.

It is normal for woman with genital warts during pregnancy to experience the aggravation of the symptoms. It happens because pregnancy makes immune system weaker and every virus and infection get into the system easier than ever. This is the reason why genital warts can become larger and more uncomfortable.

There are a lot of cases when women gave birth to healthy babies while having the condition. However there are chances to pass the infection if genital warts are in the active phase. There is also risk that genital warts prevent normal vaginal birth.

Genital warts during pregnancy should be treated with additional care and only after consultation with a physician. A woman should not use any over-the-counter medications and even any non-prescription drugs that she used to take before pregnancy. They might be helpful in a normal situation but are likely to be dangerous to a fetus and even cause birth defects. It is crucial that a woman checked with her health care provider before taking any of such drugs.

It is normal for a woman to be worried if her condition can somehow affect her baby. In the majority of cases genital warts do not represent any serious danger even if they are considered some sort of a sexually transmitted disease.

There are, however, certain complications that genital warts during pregnancy can create. One of them is that they can grow rather large. In this case they are likely to block the birth canal and therefore make vaginal birth rather a hard option. Or, rather, they can start bleeding while the baby passes the birth canal. In both such cases the most preferable option might be cesarean section.

There is always a small risk that a baby will get infected during pregnancy. In such cases warts in the throat and in the genital area may develop. Laser surgery may be required in case of the warts in the throat as they can prevent a baby from breathing normally. The symptoms of genital warts can be invisible for up to 3 years in babies.

In case you have genital warts during pregnancy, you should consult your obstetrician obligatory. You will be prescribed a proper treatment plan. There should be no self-treatment and anything that is not approved by your physician. Every medication that you take should be safe and have not risk for an unborn baby.

There is no need to be too worried about the condition as long as a lot of women with genital warts give birth to healthy babies.

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