Genital Warts Signs and Symptoms that You Should Know

Genital warts are pretty unpleasant. They are a condition resulting from the HPV, or human papilloma virus. It basically refers to sexually transmitted diseases and the most common way to get ones is through sexual intercourse. As long as it is not really dangerous as an illness, it is really discomforting and fraught with a lot of awkward and unpleasant moments. That is why it is crucial that everyone should be aware of genital warts signs and symptoms so that to diagnose it at the earliest stages possible. In such cases treatment will be the most effective.

Genital warts signs and symptoms differ in cases of men and women. In men it is mostly penile area that is affected. However infection can also spread to the scrotum and the anal area. In case of women genitals can be affected near vagina and back towards the anus as well. This infection is called so basically because of the specific location of the warts.

Genital warts signs and symptoms generally manifest themselves as small bumps appearing in the genital area. They cause unpleasant sensation of itching, though, generally, they are not painful. The warts can be individual, either big or small, or they can also form clusters. First they can be really tiny and hard to see; but later they can grow pretty big indeed and frequently remind of the cauliflower in form. They can also be of different color: yellow and white, pink, or even light brown.

Generally, young men and women between 17 and 33 are affected by the condition. Frequently the illness is triggered by early experience in sexual relationships as well as numerous sexual partners; but it can also be aggravated by smoking and drinking and drugs. The most probable way of getting genital warts is a skin contact with an infected person during intercourse.

Genital warts signs and symptoms may are different from person to person but the main ones stay the following: genital area irritation and itching and burning sensations in the areas of anus and genitals. Sometimes they can also be found in the throat as a result of oral sex.

As much as it is important to know what the symptoms of genital warts are, it is also necessary to understand that the condition is not easy to cure. This is a not bacterium that has to be dealt with. Viruses are much harder to get rid of. If they get in, they stick to you and tend to stay in the organism for quite a long while and can be triggered into action at any moment. So far there is no definite cure for genital warts and there are only remedies that help to keep the condition at bay. Dry ice or laser is used frequently in order to remove the warts physically; but again, they do not guarantee 100% treatment.

As it has already been mentioned, genital warts refer to sexually transmitted diseases and it is very unlikely that you can get in the bathroom or toilet. But it is very likely that you can get infected by having intercourse with an infected person. In some cases even using a condom does not guarantee safety. It is very important that you know genital warts signs and symptoms in order to start taking measures immediately.

Your doctor can advise you both medical and surgical procedures that can help treating the condition but it is strongly advised not to postpone the visit as on later stages the illness is much more difficult to handle. It is also very probable that the condition can recur as long as virus is very strong and stays in the system (sometimes even the whole life). However, timely prevention can solve all the problems – just make sure you recognize genital warts signs and symptoms and not neglect them.

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