Chair Yoga for Seniors – Give It a Try!

Seniors and yoga – these things have more in common than one could think of. Despite the fact that elderly people have less options to go in all sports they might like due to their health state; yoga is one of those they can easily try – chair yoga in particular.

It might be surprising, however, some seniors can do better yoga than any youngster. The secret is exactly in age difference. As we age, we are more likely to use both our hemispheres on an equal basis, thus, we are also likely to be more in harmony both with our body and our mind.

In yoga seniors with good health and no particular medical issues are able to practice everything that the training can offer and employ all the devices people of younger age groups use. One of the problems that can come on the way is balance and ability to keep it. However, when it comes to chair yoga for seniors – this issue is also less of a complication either.

Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors

Yoga is considered universally beneficial, however, this option for seniors is even better from all the points – it is also a way to deal with stress and pain as well as alleviate arthritis and other health issues. Here is a list of other benefits:

Strength Improvement

This one is particularly great when it comes to seniors. As we age we become less able to do quite a number of things that directly involve our strength. With chair yoga for seniors an elderly person is able to get more enduring and more resistant to falls, for instance.

Flexibility Goes Up

Chair yoga for seniors makes you not just stronger but also healthier – which is also very essential when it comes to the elderly. It is normal that flexibility ceases with age; however, it is possible to keep it as much as possible by proper training.

Sense of Space Gets Better

You also get well in moving around – your proprioception improves (because it also tends to deteriorate with age). Chair yoga for seniors makes them more aware of both their movements as well as the reactions of their body – and thus it is a great option to practice for fall prevention.

Less Stress

Universal stress reliever – yoga, as well as chair yoga – is something that can really make you feel better. By practicing various asanas you also feel that your tension goes away leaving you relaxed and much happier.

Place for Socializing

Elderly people quite often live on their own with kids grown up and no spouse. In this respect having a friendly group of people to meet with on a regular basis is one of the things that can make a senior’s life richer and more fulfilling. Besides, it is much more fun to have a company in doing any sport!

Reduced Pain

Chair yoga is not just a physical exercise, it is also includes breath practices. And the latter are very good for both stress management and pain alleviation. While you may be used to your pain relief medication routine, it is also worth trying some alternative methods – many people prove that they work, and pretty effectively.

Chair yoga for seniors is, surely, not the only beneficial exercise for the elderly; however, it is definitely one of the less demanding, traumatic and stressful exercises for such an age group. Here is a couple of very comprehensive videos with the descriptions of different asanas that you can try and practice at home if you like:

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