Bad Mood Destroys your Body!

There is a lot of fuss and gossip about our life getting increasingly tough and stressful. Just like everything, stress is a coin with two sides. In some situations, it can be an impetus for an effort to do better next time, and many failures eventually do. However, this appears to be more of an exception. Repeated stress (like being late regularly) results in an endless sense of tension, which won’t let go by itself.

How does It Happen?

Permanent sense of dismay can be crippling. Sadly, few people are trained to get away from it properly. We just do not have time to, because we spend our days working, rushing, parenting, and trying to make ends meet. Finally, it is well past the middle our life that we realize that we should have lived it otherwise.

It does not take a research to understand that stress is a number-one factor that causes mood shifts. Stressed people tend to get angry over minor things. Once we begin to feel nervous about things like not being able to find a cell phone or keys, combined with having to go right now, we face a snowball effect. Every time we get into such a situation, we lose a bit of health.

Immune Dysfunction

Stress paves the way for many diseases, because it ruins the immune system. According to scientists at Harvard University, an outburst of anger or even a recollection of a stressful experience can reduce antibody immunoglobulin A. Those who get angry all the time or choose not to express it directly, fall sick much more frequently.


Negative emotions, especially long-lasting experiences, keep our blood vessels strained. This may lead to aneurysms in brain arteries, which may rupture and cause severe strokes. It has been estimated that people who tend to lose temper for personality reasons, are three times as likely to end up with a stroke. The risk also increases during an outburst. Severe frustration can cause some underlying diseases to recur or complicate, or induce those that you are just prone to.

Cardiac Disorders

Stress and anger can affect the heart muscle. It happens because stress hormones set the heart rate racing and increase strain on the muscle and vessels. Regular stressful experiences cause the heart and vessels to work harder and increase the likelihood of hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiac insufficiency, infarction, ischemic heart disease, etc. These are very serious and potentially lethal conditions!

Dental Issues

Every time we lose temper or feel frustrated, we grind our teeth. This causes the tooth enable to wear down and ups the risk of premature tooth decay. According to some studies, gums may suffer too.

Impaired Sexual Life

Endless emotional strain affects testosterone levels and sexual arousal in men. If you fly off handle easily, your body may lose its sexual potential when you least expect. If will be too late to use sex as a means of stress relief.

It won’t Let You Age Well!

According to scientists from the University of California, bad emotions affect chromosomes and impede the growth of new cells. Once the process takes over the body, signs begin to appear everywhere: you see more lines when you look into a mirror, your vision deteriorates, and your muscles won’t work as they used to.

What Can I Do about It?

If you are an emotional person and have difficulty controlling your temper, you should learn to address your feelings properly. Do not hold in anger. If there is someone who behaves in what you think is the wrong way, speak to this person directly and let it go. Blow off the steam! This is what appears to be a problem-solving approach to dealing with your anger. It will go away before harming your body and soul!

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