9 Simple Rules of Spring Detox

Spring is the best season to take care about health and beauty. After long winter, we can feel exhausted and tired, our skin and hair look dull. These are the signs the body is sending us to ask for attention and support. And detox is one of the smart solutions. Detox is a combination of clarifying diet and beauty routine. It is always a short-time measure (1-2 weeks), but if you have any serious health disorder, please consult your therapist.

Follow these nine simple rules for successful detox:

1. Eat healthy food

The food you consume during detox has to support and nourish the main systems and organs of the body (liver, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, intestine and lungs):

  • Eat only organic food: dairy products, fish, meat
  • Seasonal raw fruits and vegetables (especially dark green leaf veggies), berries, lots of green salads
  • Add whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds (sunflower, flax, chia), cold press oils (olive, coconut, linseed, organic cacao) to your diet

2. Drink green and berry smoothies, fresh juices

Smoothies are so good for our health. Green one have purifying qualities (remove toxins and remnants of drugs, improve lung and liver function, relieve asthma, increase metabolism, normalize blood circulation and digestion, purify blood, strengthen immunity). And berries have lots of antioxidants.

3. Make detox drinks and teas

Experiment with such ingredients as ginger and honey, lemon, goji berries, mint and cucumber. Drink lot of green tea, extremely rich in polyphenols.

4. Drink very clean water

The best option is to drink filtered tap water or water in glass bottles from organic springs. Researchers from Harvard School of Medical Health proved that water in plastic bottles can be dangerous for humans. According to this study, regular consumption of cold drinks from polycarbonate bottles results in a substantial increase in urinary BPA (Bisphenol A). It is recommended to drink not less than 8 daily glasses of water, between eating.

5. Breathe deeply

When we breathe, we usually use only upper part of our lungs (shallow breath). But when we start breathing more deeply, lower part of the lungs start working as well that means intensive circulation of oxygen in the tissues, that, in its turn, facilitates better nutrients intake and disposal of wastes. Deep breathing stimulates proper work of lymphatic system and stimulates its purification from toxins, and relaxation.

The signs of deep breathing: if your belly is moving, you breathe deeply, if only your chest is moving, you breathe in a shallow mode.

6. Moderate physical activity

All of us know that physical activity is vitally important for our health, but when you are in a ‘detox regime’, it’s important not to overload the organism with too heavy exercises, because lots of energy is consumed for the detox process itself, and you can feel tired. Instead of active bike rides or fitness workouts, do more quiet types of activity, for example stretching, yin yoga and walking.
By the way, yoga is a great accompany for detox, as it implies deeper breathing during yoga that perfectly fits for detox.

7. Massage

Plan a few massage sessions during your detox. It intensifies blood circulation and speed up oxygen intake in the organism. That helps the lymphatic system to excrete toxins from the tissues and removes dead cells from the skin.

8. Mental and emotional recharge

Body and mind is one unified system. All your thoughts and emotions are reflected and fixed on the face and body, in your posture and mode of speaking. So when we want to get rid of wastes, it also means destructive thoughts and emotions. Relaxation and meditation can help! Try to meditate or do relaxation/ breathing exercises 20 minutes before asleep and/or in the morning.

9. Detox baths

To help your skin to get rid of wastes, every second day take a bath with sea salt and different herbs. You can do home-made scrubs: coffee grounds with coconut/olive oil, sea salt, your favorite essential oils (lavender – for relaxation, orange or grapefruit – for better skin tightness).

In two weeks only you will feel brand new!


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