Best 10 Low Carbohydrate Foods

This is not a myth that eating food low in carbohydrates at special times in the diet is the only way to burn excess fats and remove them from problem areas.

Here it is necessary to note that the food should be taken at proper times!

Many individuals have the idea that low carbohydrates dieting is best for fat loss, however it cannot be indeed further from the true facts.

Actually, the human body needs good carbohydrates and it cannot work properly without these substances.

The key to weight loss is that stubborn fat on the belly area is not actually in the carb elimination, this is NOT eating carbs at WRONG times.

What does it mean wrong times?

These are the last 2 meals in the day (snacks also count!).

For example, rather than eating ice cream you are to have a healthy salad.This fact is obvious and out of discussion. But, at this point many individuals go wrong.

If a food is actually healthy, this does not imply you will burn fat by consuming it. For instance, a number of people making conscious efforts to take healthy food make the mistake when they consume fruit or whole wheat bread, which are good and healthy foods, in p.m. hours. As a matter of fact the problem about it is that they are high energy and glycemic foods which the body cannot burn off totally when you are asleep. As a result such foods are stored in the body creating fats.

A better choice would be to eat a salad with whites or a chicken breast. Such foods need more energy to be digested and they won’t be deposited in the organism when you are sleeping.

Here is a list of 10 foods low in carbohydrates which are to be included in your carbohydrates diet plan to eliminate fats from the stomach. Following carbohydrates diet plan you will eat these foods for the last 2 meals, this might be snacks or dinner, and you will notice that your midsection is shrinking, and other deposits in problem areas are vanishing!

1) Skinless turkey

2) Skinless chicken

3) Broccoli

4) Spinach

5) Egg whites

6) Salmon

7) Tomatoes

8) Tuna fish

9) Lean red meat

10) protein shake (perfect substitute for low carbohydrates diets for people who want smth simple).

Many people reading this list will get overwhelmed, considering they have to squeeze all these foods into the diet plans. The most crucial thing is to keep the diet simple. It will be nice to choose 2-3 of the foods for low carbohydrates diet and be sure that you have those foods at hand because when you get hungry in p.m. hours you will eat some of them rather than consuming something that is high in carbohydrates.

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