Carbohydrates Diet Plans – 3 Food Combinations to Lose Weight

Do you need to find a way to lose weight fast and without starving? Do you know that certain food combinations stimulate quick weight loss? A diet low in carbohydrate will help you think better and will enhance clearer and will enhance your mood.

Carbohydrates diet plan reduces headaches, heartburn and muscle pain. To make low carbohydrate dieting most effective, you should know three combinations to choose the best for your personal needs.

Combination 1

  • Breakfast:  An omelet with two eggs, sausage and roasted red peppers.
  • Lunch: Eat a sandwich combined with low sodium beef (half a cup), two tblsp of sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. It is advised to consume whole wheat bread rather than the refined one in low carbohydrate diets. To make it flavorful it is good to add some tomatoes and lettuce.
  • Dinner: Cook a salad with grilled chicken breast (3 pieces), steamed asparagus (4 pieces), Romaine lettuce and some yellow squash. A good advice is to put some white onions and tomatoes as well. Carbohydrates diet plans include low carb dressing or vinaigrette to help you lose some weight fast.
  • For a snack you can have several celery sticks with some yogurt or a low fat dip.

Combination 2 for carbohydrates diet plans

  • Breakfast: Poach two eggs and smoked salmon with tomatoes (two sliced pieces). All this can be topped with cream dill sauce.
  • Lunch: Make a salad with cauliflower and steamed broccoli, 2 pieces of grilled beef patties and olives, white onions, tomatoes and Romaine lettuce. And additionally you can top this with some balsamic vinaigrette or olive oil.
  • Dinner: You can make a salad with herbs and roasted chicken (1 cup). Put some parmesan curls and steamed broccoli. Low carb dressing will do a nice flavor.
  • You may eat some raw pepper sticks, preferably red with low fat dip or yogurt with fruits (1 cup).

Carbohydrates Diet Plans: Combination 3

  • Breakfast: Take a piece of hard-boiled egg and a low carb muffin. You should be sure that you won?t eat the yellow egg part.
  • Lunch: Slice white onions, tomatoes, avocados, chicken, olives, hard-boiled egg whites, Romaine lettuce, grated blue cheese (2 slices), and 2 bacon slices. And surely you can dress it with balsamic and olive vinaigrette.
  • Dinner: smoked salmon (3 pieces), steamed green beans, seeds and some sesame oil. Add a bit cabbage coleslaw with a dressing that is low in fat. You may as well put a little Teriyaki sauce on the salmon, thus it will have a better taste.
  • It is allowed to eat some raisins, cubed white cheese and olives for a snack.

The three carbohydrates diet plans will help you lose extra pounds in just one week. You may rearrange these combinations to create more variants. You should make a diet plan in advance so that not to lose track.

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