Coffee is Perfect for Your Skin + DIY recipes

Today we will speak about coffee not like the beverage that you adore or hate, but we will describe a huge efficiency of coffee in beauty routine. Coffee can be very helpful to your skin because it contains plenty of nutrients: fruit and organic acids, fats, alkaloids, minerals, iron, magnesium and potassium apart from caffeine. Coffee oil is high in linoleic acid that shapes skin lipid barrier, increases skin plasticity, provides anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and sun-protective effects.

What are the main benefits of making coffee one of the leading components of your beauty treatment?

  • Caffeine regulates blood circulation, removes dryness and puffiness of skin and perfectly saturates it with moisture. As a result, the right blood circulation restores, skin cells regenerate naturally and supply necessary water balance. That is why caffeine is often added to night creams.
  • Linoleic acid in coffee inhibits skin aging process and increases plasticity making skin firmer and more elastic. Moreover, it is useful to apply cosmetics with linoleic acid to protect from UV rays and reduce inflammation.
  • Coffee is abounding with antioxidants which protect skin from free radical destruction and efficiently prevent aging. One of the leading agents here is chlorogenic acid that reduces skin vulnerability to the sun.
  • Rejuvenating effect of coffee is also reached by replenishment of collagen reserves which firms skin. And keratins improve complexion making your skin look and be healthy and polished.

These amazing features are coming from roasted beans and from extracts taken from coffee silverskin which is left after coffee beans are roasted.

DIY treatment for your skin from coffee grounds

As you see, those spent coffee grounds that you toss after your morning cup can be very useful for your beauty. You can arrange your own SPA center at home using this beneficial and cheap (what is important!) ingredient for your scrubs and masks.

To make the procedure efficient and healthy for your skin, you should follow several rules preparing home-made cosmetics of coffee grounds:

  1. Only natural coffee can be used for beauty treatment. Instant coffee does not provide a desired result and harms your skin.
  2. You can use green coffee as well as roasted coffee – both types influence skin in the same way.
  3. Apply all the masks and scrubs according to the massage lines: from chin to temples, from lips to ear lobes, from nose to ears.
  4. Do not apply peeling more often than once per week.
  5. Do not apply coffee scrub or peeling if you have sensitive skin with inflammations.
  6. Use only fresh treatment each time.

Coffee treatment suits any skin type except for highly sensitive skin with inflammation process. But to make your DIY beauty products more potent, you should prepare them according to the peculiarities of your skin.

  1. If your skin is dry, mix coffee with fatty dairy (cream, sour cream) or cosmetic oils.
  2. It is helpful to mix coffee with banana or full-cream milk for blemish-prone skin.
  3. Greasy skin requires drying and cleaning effect. Use orange juice, oatmeal flakes or nonfat yogurt to reach it.

Coffee lotion

Pour strongly brewed coffee into ice molds. Rub face with one cube in the morning to freshen your skin.

Dampen a cotton wool pad in a fresh strongly brewed coffee. It is a great tonic for withering skin.

Anti-wrinkle mask

Add 1 table-spoon of rye flour to a small cup of cold strong coffee, mix it well with 1 yolk, mix it well and apply to clean skin. Wash the mask off with warm water in 15 minutes.

Anti-cellulite body-wraps

Take warm coffee grounds and rub it in the area with cellulite. Wrap this area with rubbed coffee grounds with plastic food wrap for 20 minutes. Take a shower after the procedure.

Facial Peeling

Mix coffee grounds with cream, sour cream or yogurt, massage scrub gently and wash it off with much warm water.

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