Keep Moving to Lose Weight

Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume, so a healthy diet and exercise are obviously two very necessary components.  I feel that a lot of people who are trying to lose weight don’t like to “work out” or think that they have to be doing an activity where they are breathing heavily or really sweating it out for it to count.  This is not a good excuse, your body is still burning calories during less intense activity and it’s actually burning a higher percentage of fat.

Aerobic Vs. Fat Burning

Aerobic exercise is a bit more intense than exercise in the fat burning zone.Aerobic exercise is when you are working at 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. It is the type of exercise that really develops your cardiovascular system.

Fat burning exercise is in the range of 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.This type of exercise helps increase your basic fitness level and it is also effective at burning fat.

Because aerobic exercise is more intense, you do burn more overall calories, but a smaller percentage are from fat.  The key takeaway here is not that you should shy away from more intense aerobic exercise, but recognize that even lighter activity is great for losing weight.

Walk Everywhere

Walking is great exercise and you should do it more often to meet your weight loss goals.  I know you’ve heard some of these classic examples before, but they deserve to be repeated:

Take the stairs – Stairs are great exercise and certainly much more productive than the elevator.  Take the stairs to your floor and show up at your desk ahead of the game and more clear headed.

Park farther away – I get fed up with people who spend 5 extra minutes to find a close parking spot.  Park your car already and walk!  It may save you time and will add extra steps your day. Take another lap – Before you sit down at the office or before you get back in your car after lunch, take a hike!  Walk an extra lap around the building or walk past all of the shops one more time at the mall or downtown.

Walk like you mean it

As we mentioned before, lower intensity exercise still burns calories and fat, but the extra intensity will help you shed more calories and fat overall.  Pick up the pace when you walk to take the benefits of your walking to the next level.  You’ll be able to walk twice as far in the same amount of time burning more calories and increasing the cardiovascular benefits.

Get a Pedometer

The pedometer is a very inexpensive gadget that will keep track of how far you’re actually walking.  It is a great way to see how far you physically travel in an average day and naturally becomes a fantastic self-motivational tool.  You’ll be able to set goals for how far you need to walk each day and you better not relax on the couch for the evening until you do!

Ride a Bike

If walking really hurts your knees, hop on a bike.  They make very comfortable bikes that are easy to pedal and easy on your butt with a comfortable posture.  Biking is amazing exercise, a great way to get fresh air, and it puts almost no pressure on your knees.  Better yet, add some bike riding in to your new lifestyle that incorporates more walking!

Keep on moving, eat healthy, and the weight will come off!

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