How to Lose Face Fat

It is no big secret that face is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about good looks and attractiveness. There are crowds of people who are dissatisfied with the look of their faces. Most of them say they have accumulated too much facial fat and would like to shed it ASAP. Is it really that simple?

It is not. Researchers say that it takes twice as much effort to lose face fat as it takes to gain it. Sounds strange? Indeed, this is not just about what is happening to your face, but rather about what is going on in the rest of your body. Simply put, it is about your body weight, not just about your face weight.

A team of psychology from the University of Toronto ran an experiment: they collected photos of men’s and women’s faces and edited each one in such a way as to produce groups representing different body weights. Each ‘patient’ was to randomly pull out a two photos out of a pile and say which one was more attractive. Each photo was labeled with a BMI – body mass index, which had been calculated based on weight and height. These indexes were categorized into groups ranging between underweight and overweight. The experiment provided a clear picture of how reflective facial fat was about a person’s general health.

Exercise and feed your body properly!

As follows from the above, your face is an indicator of your weight issues, if any. If you are firmly determined to take fat away from your face by training facial muscles, you are in for disappointment. You cannot take fat away from just one part of your body!

If you lose a share of your body weight, your face will become thinner as well. Most of us know what to start with. Yes, contact a professional dietician and gym coach! Although there is no universal diet or physical training strategy that would work for everyone, there are some general things you can do about it.

Take up running and weight-bearing exercises

They help build muscle and therefore boost metabolism to provide more energy. As you get your body to work, it begins to burn fat, and it disappears from around your body, including your face. If you do not have an opportunity to go to a gym or run, use every little chance: walk instead of riding or driving, choose a stairway instead of an elevator, etc.

Your body may gain weight due to water retention

Foods that are rich in sugar and salt may cause your body to accumulate water, which may impact your face. Reduce the intake of these ingredients. Alcohol has an even more dehydrating power, and it tricks the body into accumulating a lot of water and therefore chubby appearance.

Drink as much water as you can

If you don’t, you will program your body to retain water. As a result, it will accumulate and make you look obese. Fruits and vegetables are another great option, because they contain juice.

If you follow these recommendations, it is not unlikely that one day you will notice that your face has become slimmer. Then take a look at the rest of the body. Here the change will be even more noticeable. The scientists from the Toronto University have calculated that one needs to lose about 10 pounds of body weight to see it in his/her face!

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