5 Food Myths that Disturb You

Nowadays, the information about healthy eating is overwhelming and it is quite hard to figure out what is actually true and really healthy. We have prepared the list of top 5 myths about food that might have disturbing you for a while.

Fat Is Harmful for the Body

Fat is considered to be extremely harmful for the body but it is only partially true. The thing is that there are three types of dietary fats: saturated, unsaturated and trans-fats. Saturated fat is that dangerous substance that we are all aware of. It is usually solid and found in such products like meat, butter and cheese. Trans-fats are chemically made to become unsaturated, they are extremely harmful for our health as they increase formation of arterial plaques and increase risk of heart diseases. Wicked trans-fats are used to cook all types of fast food.

Otherwise, unsaturated fats contain Omega-3 fatty acids and they are essential for us because human body does not produce them. Omega-3 fatty acids participate in functioning of many systems and physiological processes including cardiovascular system, skin regeneration, joints and cords, nervous system, immune resistance, reproductive system. Unsaturated fats, necessary for our health, are liquid and found in olive oil, fish, nuts and avocado.

Snacks Are Unhealthy

Actually, our body requires snacks to function properly between meals and not to starve. When you do not feel satiety for several hours, your body switches on the mechanisms of storing fat to compensate new wave of hunger. It causes additional stress for all systems. In addition, strong hunger increases the risk to make wrong food choices and to buy fast food and something sweet.

The key point here is the products you choose to snack. There are many nutritious options to eat healthy during the whole day, for example, berries, dried and fresh fruit, nuts, vegetables or smoothies. By the way, it is a great idea to prepare a set of snacks for the whole week ahead and put them in small plastic bags.

Fruit Are for Dessert

Fruit are fantastic for your health but they should not be eaten right after the meal. In this case they mix with food you eat before and start to ferment and sour. It is better to eat fruit for breakfast and use them as a healthy snack during the day.

Moreover, it is recommended to start any meal from fruit and wait approximately 30 minutes to eat something else. This system will help you to get many nutrients and not to overeat. It works because fruit increase blood sugar level smoothly and stimulate digestive system. But avoid eating fruit with something sweet. Read the next paragraph do find out why fruit should be eaten in its solid form.

Sugar in Fruit Is Harmful

Another myth about fruit is connected with sugar: some people think that if fruit contain much sugar, it is destructive to eat a lot of them. But it is a profound mistake that can lead to major health breakdown.

Whole raw fruit alone do not increase blood sugar level. It can rise only in case you eat much junk fatty food. When our body is not constipated by overbalance of fat, the sugar, coming to blood from sweet fruit, easily outputs later.

Any fruit consist of carbohydrates that are transformed to fructose – simple sugar that is the main and the most favourable energy resource for our cells, and it is the only form of fuel for brain cells, nerve tissues and erythrocytes. We do not digest fruit for a long time, actually, the whole process takes several minutes. That is why we receive much energy from fruit not spending body resources to digest them.

Just to ease your possible anxiety about fruit, let’s refer to the Dr. Douglas Graham, the world known author of “The 80/10/10 Diet”. In fact, Dr. Graham has proved that fruit are the only food appropriate for human body to function efficiently throughout the whole life according to the physical features of human body.

Eating after 6 p.m. Swells Waistline

The most important factor to analyze when you should have your last bite is the time when you go to bed. It is recommended to eat not less than 3 hours before you got to bed. And remember that unhealthy food swells your waistline and destroys your health at any period of the day.

If you eat a heavy supper and go to bed right after, the muscles are unable to transform sugar and glucose goes to the liver where enzymes transform it to fat. This fat expands in the body and brings to obesity. When you sleep, the dodecadactylon does not produce ferments required to transport meal and it stays there until you wake up. While other organs start to work as they receive signal about food coming. The body produces gall which thickens and turns in gallstones over a period of time. Also undigested food intoxicates blood and causes allergies and other diseases.

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