What not to Do If You Want to Live Longer

None of us becomes younger while years pass – and this is sad. However, there is no need to speed up the process.

None of us becomes younger while years pass – and this is sad. However, there is no need to speed up the process.

Though, there are no means to actually stop one’s organism from ageing, there are ways that can help slowing the whole process down. At least to some extent. Surely, the things that will be described further on are not a master-key that will allow you to look and feel 30 when your are twice as old. But you can look your age and be healthy and fit – and actually, live longer.

You just have to quit doing some certain things.

Eating Processed and Junk Foods

Among negative dietary changes that occurred for the last several decades is the shift from actual cooking to processed foods consumption. There is no need to emphasize the problems that such choice brings, among the most frequent are diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular illnesses.

In accordance with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommendations 2,300 mg is a person’s daily norm for sodium; however, this norm is proved to be exceeded by a 1000 mg when it comes to an average American – the survey by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has found out. Major source of sodium is processed food. Thus, if you are a restaurant and fast-food frequenter and lover, your will have to change your habits.


If you’re a smoker, you know how hard quitting can be, but here’s some inspiration: The NIH says tobacco use remains the most preventable cause of death. Some estimates suggest smoking can rob you of a decade of life.

Well, so much is written on the subject. The habit is addictive, it is hard to quit and even the understanding of all dangers and perils do not stop people from going on. However, the recent studies claim that smoking is among those causes of death and maladies that are easy to prevent. It is as easy as this: you do not smoke – you stay healthy.

Staying Still

Movement is life. Or vice versa, there is no difference, actually. One thing is for sure – if you want to live longer and stay in good health, find time to move, in all senses. If you have a pretty busy schedule and a list of errands to run around – this is a good thing for one matter. It will even be better, should you find some spare 10 or 20 minutes to walk. There is no need to exercise for half an hour daily – as these minimum recommendations for activity suggest. Just make sure you do not sit all day.

Me, Myself and I

Keeping your own company is a good thing, and being able to stay alone and fine with it is a sign of a healthy mind; however, staying social is essential if you want to live longer. By being social you also acquire skills of dealing with depression and stress, some studies even suggest that it is beneficial for your immune system.

Waiting for Big Changes

Set smaller, more realistic goals that might not strike you with immediate result, but at the same time will allow you seeing the gradual improvement of your life in the process. Pick one small chance at a time and make sure you can handle it well. Then pick another, and move to the next one when the previous one is accomplished.

Skipping Sleep

One of the major things that keeps us going is the amount of energy we have. We get it from food, but we also need our organism to restore it while we are asleep. Long intervals of staying up, especially when you keep fuelling yourself with coffee or energy drinks will catch up with your sooner or later. And later is really bad – lack of sleep is very dangerous, first of all for your brain, and for your entire well-being, in general. Be careful here – sleep long and well.


This notion comes very early into our lives. Despite the fact that stress just means something new and unusual (not necessarily bad) we are not accustomed with, we are prone to react negatively in the first place, we play defensive. Such a reaction requires a fol of effort on the behalf of our organism, a great deal. The more often it happens, the weaker it becomes, our resources diminish and we lose energy, health, good looks, everything down the list.

Thus, keeping away from stress is a good thing it the first place. Surely, none of us can predict things that are not in our power; however, there are situations that can be avoided – and if there is an option, it is better to be used in the first place.

These are real and very simple things that won’t produce any miracle effect, however, they are small changes that can make a big difference when it comes to feeling better and being healthier, and – living longer, why not?

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