Bulletproof Diet? – Why not!

Bulletproof coffee?! That’s an interesting name for a coffee, indeed. And for a diet – as well. Perhaps, you have already heard of the former; but what about the latter?

Bulletproof coffee?! That’s an interesting name for a coffee, indeed. And for a diet – as well. Perhaps, you have already heard of the former; but what about the latter?

The Bulletproof Diet is Dave Asprey’s invention. It has been long discussed in media and its basic thesis is simple – you have to get 50-70% of calories from so-to-say “good” fats, top them with plenty of good protein, do not forget about vegetables. And you are allowed very small amount of carbs, and absolutely nothing else – none, zero.
That’s challenging, right?

The author put all the ideas into the book that is called The Bulletproof Diet and is available on Amazon; the book has attracted tons of attention and has already become a favorite with some celebrities.

In fact, this is not an indication of the diet as being either effective or not, for sure, as media persons are prone to this or that thing at a time. However, it makes sense to have a look at the mechanics of the diet and what makes it so appealing.

There are 4 components to it:

The First One: Do not Eat!

Yes, you’ve heard right. First of all you are not supposed to eat for at least 18 hours. There are some studies that prove 18-hour fasting does help in shedding extra weight; or at least, Dave Asprey assures of it.

The Second One: Junk Food – Out!

Get your carbs in small bits – and not from bad stuff. Forget about fake sugar. If you cut off these things, you also automatically stop the cravings for all sweets and high-calorie foods in one move.

The Third One: Get Your Fat!

In accordance with the author, calories derived from good fats are able to speed up your “ketogenesis”, which basically means for a process of fat metabolism (instead of carbs). This suggestion is, probably, based on the 2014 Endocrine journal research that states the effectiveness of a low-calorie ketogenic diet as opposed to pure low-calorie diet.

The Fourth One: Cook!

And yes, you will have to cook (or learn how to do it, if you can’t). First, it makes the process of following the basics easier. Second, it is simply a lot of fun.

Well, if you need proof – here it is. There are several simple and extremely easy recipes for your daily meals – right from the book.


  • Bacon + eggs (not from a city farm)
  • An omelet + vegetables
  • Smoked salmon + avocado + chopped vegetables

Simple as that – isn’t it? Does not take much time and the ingredients are available, nothing fancy.


  • Vegetable soup from your favourite vegetables steamed, blended with good fats (e.g. nuts, fresh butter) + spices.
  • Steamed vegetables + butter + a chopped avocado.

Again, easy as 2+2. No need to spend hours in the kitchen.


  • 3/4 veggies + 1/4 healthy protein + a little bit of carbs (e.g. butternut squash, carrots, or the like). Do not forget about good fat source – like unsalted butter or guacamole, for instance.
  • Fruit (after dinner)

Such a dinner is not heavy but pretty substantial. Yet, again, you do not slave near the cooker, and with veggies the meal is always bright and fun.

Bulletproof Coffee Start of a Day

One of the main components of The Bulletproof Diet is, well, Bulletproof coffee. Which, you should start your day with, in accordance to Asprey.
The recipe is this:

  • some special combination of brewed coffee
  • + 1-2 tablespoons unsalted, natural healthy butter
  • + 1-2 tablespoons of a special coconut oil extract (Asprey advises Brain Octane).

You mix the ingredients and drink the coffee first thing in the morning. Among satiating hunger the drink is also supposed to help your mental focus to improve.

Well, according to the author, the diet is not about perfection; however, it is about the choice of healthy eating habits and lifestyle in the first place, about using the best means (the best from foods we have) in order to feel and look good. It is, actually, about our conscious choice.

The question of effectiveness is, of course, individual. If you like the way it sounds, you should try. In all the ways, it is better to have a buttered coffee in the mornings in some way, than a coffee and an uncontrolled number of unhealthy doughnuts instead.

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