Eat Veggies and Get Slim

Nowadays, almost everyone has experienced controlling eating behavior either to lose weight or for other reasons. And it appears that traditional calorie counting and popular diets cause yo-yo effect and do not work for long-term perspective.

The President of the Nutritional Research Foundation, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, reveals a secret of successful weight loss and stable maintenance of your ideal body – eating nutrient rich diet primarily based on plant food. Here are the tips for you how to change your food choices in favour of healthier natural products.

  • Minimize processed foods

If you begin to count calories and continue to eat processed food, you have to reduce your portions. But you still long for eating the same food even more. It results in inefficient dieting results and your weight loss efforts are unsuccessful. Processed foods are extremely low in nutrients but high in calories. That is why you are forced to count every calorie and eat tiny portions that are not able to satiate. All basic nutrients (iron, B vitamins, fiber) are removed from the product during refining process while loads of sugar and fat are added. Your body does not get enough nutrients to produce energy and wants to eat more.

The solution is simple: minimize the refined flours, grains, sugar and artificial sweeteners at the beginning and exclude them completely a couple of months after. All these products in fancy package must be substituted for nutrient-rich vegetables, fruit, mushrooms and beans that you can eat fresh or cook. This switch will help you to lose weight much more than sticking to counting calories.

  • Track the amount of fat

Actually, not all the fats are harmful for our body. Unsaturated fats are necessary for the variety of physiological functions like formation of brain cells and nervous system. They are found in olive and coconut oils, graminaceous germs, nuts, avocado and flax seeds. Moderate intake of unsaturated fats does not cause obesity but they should not exceed 10% of the whole daily ration.

Otherwise, saturated fats and trans fats are harmful for your health and make you put on weight. They are found in pork, sausages, cheese, crisps, butter, margarine, heated sunflower oil. These types of fats must be excluded from your diet completely to lose weight efficiently and make your body healthier.

  • Eliminate sugar

Many scientific researchers have proved that chemically refined sugar is fatal for the health of entire countries. There are several facts to motivate you to refuse sugar right now:

  • Sugar washes calcium away from the body;
  • Sugar deprives group B vitamins;
  • Sugar provokes intensive fat deposition;
  • Sugar deteriorates cardiovascular system;
  • Sugar is a stimulator that put our bodies in constant stress;
  • Sugar cuts immunity by 17 times.

When you take any products and start to read the ingredients, look not only how many calories in a product but how much sugar is there. Also, remember that sugar is hidden not only in cookies and sweet, but in manufactured sauces, bread, cereals, fizzy drinks and many other products that are promoted as a healthy food (yogurts, juices, fitness bars, etc.).

Change sweet products that you are used to consume for natural delight. Nuts with few drops of organic honey, full-ripe berries, fresh and dry fruit are sweet and they will perfectly fulfil your desire to eat something for dessert.

  • Focus on plant-food

Switch over to a balanced diet primarily based on plant foods that are highly rich in nutrients. It is a way more effective to lose excess pounds than to count every calorie. In fact, when you get used to substitute your meal for raw and cooked plant food, there will be no need for calorie counting because your body will receive enough fiber and phytonutrients. It reduces appetite, defeats drives to overeat, makes your body gain the most adequate shape and remain an ideal weight naturally.

Plant food is low in calories but high nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It revives digestive system causing not only weight loss, but total detox and recovery of the body, slowing the aging processes and prolonging lifespan and quality of your life.

Supplementation is another key factor for a successful plant-rich diet. It should be noticed that some nutrients like vitamin D3, DHA and B12 are not provided in essential amounts in vegetables and fruit. And of you eat meat, fish and eggs, do not eliminate them completely or totally substitute them for supplements.

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