The Heart – Quite Reliable, but not Eternal

Heart for a human is like an engine for a vehicle. It pumps blood – the fuel – throughout the body and keeps all vital organs and hence the whole body ticking. Once the engine fails, so does the rest of the system.

Heart for a human is like an engine for a vehicle. It pumps blood – the fuel – throughout the body and keeps all vital organs and hence the whole body ticking. Once the engine fails, so does the rest of the system.

Heart’s potential is tremendous. It is a kind of motor that can run non-stop for decades and make about 2.5 billion beats on the average. Some hearts make 100 years or so. Is there a more reliable motor on earth? No, there is not. Does it ever fail? Unfortunately, it does.

Not everyone realizes it until he or she faces trouble and it becomes too late. Here come some points to remember, following which can help you keep your heart running like clock well into age.

What makes things worse?

  • Age and gender are the most common risk factors. As we age, the body wears off inevitably, and so do the heart and vessels. It happens faster in men, because they lack estrogen, a female hormone, which protects heart.
  • Unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol drinking take their brutal toll on the heart. This one hardly needs an explanation!
  • Sedentary life increases the risk of obesity, undermines metabolism, and eventually causes cardiovascular disorders.
  • If someone in your family has had heart issues before 50 years old, you run a greater risk of heart failure. Some heart diseases are hereditary.
  • Underlying conditions like diabetes, irregular blood pressure, and bad cholesterol put your heart at risk and cause it to age faster than the rest of your body.

Take care and keep it running!

As follows from the above, there are lots of things you can do to secure your heart and live a longer life. What are these?

Cut down on alcohol and cigarettes ASAP! It is hard, but not impossible. Just sit still and weigh all pros and cons, and you will see that health is above all. Smoking and drinking cause atherosclerosis – a condition, which results in plaques forming in arteries. In turn, it causes clots and impedes blood flow.

Live a more active life! Sufficient physical activity and exercise is the best fuel for your heart. Use every little chance to be active. For example, you can switch from elevators and moving stairways to traditional stairways, walk instead of riding/driving when it is not too far away, take up running, do the chores, go to a gym, etc.

Keep control of your chronic diseases, if any. If you have atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypo- or hypertension, thyroid disorders, etc., please, keep your finger on the pulse. Contact your health care provider, do as he/she directs you to, and keep track of your blood pressure. If you have symptoms, which you’ve never had before, such as fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain, go for a health check immediately.

Take your family health record into consideration. Check if any of your close relatives (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.) have a history of cardiac disorders. If someone does, have regular health checks. Thus you can evaluate your potential and maybe identify a budding problem before it is too late.

Keep your weight in check. Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for cardiac issues. One great way to control weight is sticking to a healthy diet. Add fish, cereals, chicken, fruits and vegetables to your menu. Reduce the intake of trans fats, salted and smoked foods, and sugar. This does not mean that you should drop your favorite meals, just moderate the intake.

Reduce stress! Hurrying, rushing, frustration, and poor sleep are much more dangerous than many of us think. Stress ruins appetite and makes you want to go for a cigarette or bottle. If this continues for years, you are at risk of a whole bunch of diseases, including heart issues. It may take a decade or so from your life, so stop it right now! Refer to proper daily management, find a less stressful job, stay with your loved ones and friends regularly. Meditation and Yoga can be very helpful too.

If you follow these steps, you will see that old age is no synonym of poor heart. Proper lifestyle and self-care can free you from a lot of trouble and give you another ten years of healthy and vivid life!

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