Do You Need to Stay up Late the Whole Night?

Everyone needs to stay up late sometimes – revising for important exams, editing urgent projects, meeting relatives at the airport at night, a long journey or celebrations.

Everyone needs to stay up late sometimes – revising for important exams, editing urgent projects, meeting relatives at the airport at night, a long journey or celebrations.

And you have to be fresh to survive the whole night not having fallen asleep on the nearest couch. Here are 5 tips for you how to stay up late the whole night:

1. Take a nap in the evening

If you know that there is a restless night ahead of you, try to take a nap before it in the evening. You will already feel tired and sleepy after your dinner – use this chance to sleep a couple of hours to recharge your batteries.

Any nap that you obtain before the night will help you to stay awake and decrease slumberous feeling. The brain will be cleaned from chemicals like adenosine causing sleepiness and you will get more energy to stay up late.

Moreover, it is better to get prepared for staying up late in good time. It is easier to survive one sleepless night if you do not have any signs of sleeping disorders. Adjust your daily routine at least one week before you need to stay up late and make sure that you receive 8-9 hours of sleep each night.

2. Surround yourself with light

Actually, we can take advantage of our brain to stay awake when we see the light. Unconsciously, we all follow day-night biorhythm and we get slumberous when it is getting dark outside. But when we see the light, our brain awakens. That is why it is harder to fall asleep if we use gadgets or watch something on TV right before we go to bed.

But when you need to stay up late, put the light on in the room and in the whole apartment, if it is possible. The brighter your lamp is, the better. But do not use candles and soft yellow light as it reminds of natural flame and relaxes.

3. Light workout and cold water

A harmless way to stay vigorous all night is to make some light workout. You can swim, run or walk a bit, but don’t overdo it. Your goal is to revive yourself, not to get exhausted from exercises. After training it is great to take contrast shower. If you have no ability for a normal shower, just bathe your feet and face with cool water and you will immediately feel less sleepy.

Moreover, you should drink much water to stay awake as far as your body will get tired faster if it is dehydrated. It is also helpful to add ice to your water. And you will visit your bathroom more often – this condition will also disturb you from sleeping.

4. Eat less

It is important to eat as less as you can, if you plan to stay up late. Eating any food, especially fatty sweet products high in calories, provoke excessive sleepiness. And it will grow with every bite. Stock up with light snacks that will give you energy but won’t cause falling asleep: oranges, apples, celery, carrot or a small piece of bitter chocolate to help your brain.

A simple chewing gum also helps to fight against sleep. The thing is that when we chew, our body thinks that the stomach will receive food and starts digestion processes required for that. As a result, we don’t want to sleep when our digestive system is active. That is why it is recommended to eat at least three hours before you go to bed to sleep well.

5. Overcome crisis

At night, a strong desire to fall asleep comes intermittently, approximately, every two hours. This is the crisis that you need to overcome to stay awake until the morning. Surprisingly, when you pull it through, you feel more alive like you discover the second wind.

How to reach this sort of revitalization? Try to change activity for a while: distract yourself from your computer screen and do your room, for example. It is efficient to move, to do several squats and bows for 3-5 minutes. Then wash your face with cold water.

It is great if you have a chance to catch a breath of fresh air. Step out onto your balcony or open your window to ventilate the room. It is easier to fall asleep in a warm place. Otherwise, cool air perfectly tones up and revives.

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