Your Anti-age Program for 2017

Every wants to live longer. And everyone wants this long life to be healthy and happy. Too bad that most of us forget the part where effort should be made for all these things to be reached. Still, the simple things that can be done in order to live longer and be healthy are, really, very simple.

Stop imbibing any alcohol

If you are determined to rejuvenate, follow this obvious advice and do not drink any alcohol any more. Even those moderate glasses of wine or bottles of beer inevitably lead to chronic bronchitis, hepatic and lung cancers, mental breakdowns and heart attack.

Alcohol lures you into vicious circle where you take it, feel negative effects (do you remember your last hang over?), promise yourself not to drink that much, but another Saturday comes and everything repeats. Cut it out while there is yet time. You will be surprised how much resources you will find to work and relax in a healthier way! You will become less touchy and your digestive system will get better.

Find your smart way of stress relief

The majority of us experience steady stress. Even if you think that there is nothing wrong with your life, you watch irritating TV shows, fearful posts in the internet and get stuck in traffic jams. Remarkably, an ordinary person living in a big city does not see a natural landscape and lack of connection with nature makes us more anxious and tired.

You should arrange several methods to lower stress level in your life and employ them regularly. There are 8 ideas for you:

  1. Classic or instrumental music is a heal-all for everyone to feel more relaxed.
  2. Cut down the time you spend in social media.
  3. Practice meditation and breathing exercises.
  4. Take any chance to be physically active.
  5. Meet your friend and go to the cinema, theatre or restaurant together.
  6. Walk for at least 30 minutes. Rain or shine!
  7. Buy your favorite home fragrance.
  8. There are coloring books for adults and they are so helpful!

Rewrite your shopping list

… and add more vegetables and fruit to your daily diet. Unfortunately, the majority of products in any supermarket today represent a combination of processed food with highly refined substances made of the cheapest raw ingredients. This meal is high in calories but it does not give you much nutritional value. In comparison, a fresh organic apple is a good example of a product with high nutritional value and low calorie rate.

Our body functions better when its internal environment is more alkaline than acidic. Normal physiological processes require stable pH rates but food with added salt, fat and sugar overbalance it. Blood acidizing is one of key factors for hundreds of illnesses, general reduction in immune function and rapid aging. And raw vegetables and fruit with much fresh water will help you to get rejuvenated on the cellular level. Moreover, try new ways to cook your meal. For example, food fried in sunflower oil is a direct way to heart attack because cholesterol releasing during frying blocks arteries and blood can’t move properly.

Practice you favorite sport regularly

In fact, regular training 2 or 3 times a week in conjunction with antiaging methods above can youthify you efficiently. Even 30-minute practice perfectly energizes and helps you to concentrate. Physical exercises improve bloodstream, as a result, you feel fresh, toned and active. Moreover, it positively influence on sexual appetite.

People who work out regularly notice improvement of their skin as far as cellular renewal process speeds up. Any type of sport facilitates output of endorphin, the hormone of happiness. That is why you feel happy and satisfied when you leave your gym. In addition, you have no problems with falling asleep and getting up when you are physically active.

You can start from walking in a local park or forest for 30 minutes. It perfectly tones nervous system and revives the whole body. While walking, check nearest gyms and swimming pools. Swimming is a mild and safe activity to keep your body fit even if you have issues with spine, joints or bands. Also it is beneficial if you are overweight or suffer from heart diseases. When you are ready for more activity, try dancing, pilates, fitness, yoga, jogging or riding a bicycle.

Sleep properly

Proper sleeping regime, furniture and atmosphere in your bedroom are crucial to stay young and active. Firstly, make sure that your mattress is firm enough and comfortable for you. Secondly, consider the time you go to sleep and get up. It is estimated, that the most productive time for falling asleep is around 10 p.m., because from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. our body rests efficiently and restores. Recovery and clearance from toxins carry until 5 a.m. – use this time for your youth enjoying a balmy sleep.

Arrange perfect atmosphere for a good long sleep:

  1. Dim the light 1 hour before you go to sleep.
  2. Don’t use any gadgets and don’t watch TV before you go to the bedroom (reading a book is much better).
  3. Air the room. You will sleep better in a cool room full of fresh air.
  4. Your bedroom must be totally dark without any blinking or noisy items.
  5. Adjust a pleasant melody for your alarm clock that will ring increasingly starting from a very quiet and soft sound.

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