New Stroke Research

Revolutionary research has been conducted recently in the area of stroke treatment. Its main focus was on how to replace the functions of dead nervous cells.

Revolutionary research has been conducted recently in the area of stroke treatment. Its main focus was on how to replace the functions of dead nervous cells.

The group of scholars tried to administer C3a peptide, which is known for its properties of tying up the bonds between cells, so that healthy cells can contact with the dead cells and actually replace them.

The experiment on mice proved to be a success. The mice that were treated with C3a managed to recover from stroke consequences much easier than the control group. However, there are certain implications related to this mode of treatment: C3a peptide is very expensive to produce, it should be administered only through the nasal cavity and the plaque that caused a stroke should be removed as soon as possible, preferably within a few hours after the stroke. If these three conditions are not met, the treatment would most probably be ineffective. However, it is still a huge step on the path of discovery of effective stroke treatment. Scientists also mention that the treatment they used could also be replicated for other conditions.

Although the discovery is astonishing, it is better not to have a stroke at all. And if this is what you intend to do, below there are some tips that will help you prevent and avoid stroke. These tips were composed by medical practitioners dealing with stroke treatment on a daily basis.

  • Quit smoking. It is a fact that smoking is harmful not only for your lungs, but for almost all human organs. It bears the substances directly affecting your blood and causing the clogging of arteries and the appearance of plagues or thrombs. When blocking brain blood circulation, they cause a stroke.
  • Lose weight. Excessive weight is one of the causes of a stroke and cardiovascular diseases. When the person has excessive weight, it means that the organs of this person’s body also bear it, and the fat can get in the blood flow, causing a stroke.
  • Blood pressure control. It is advised to control your blood pressure all the time, not only if you are in the risk group for stroke. Your blood pressure and its health are of utmost importance for the disease occurring.
  • Less stress. Try to minimize getting stressed about anything. Stressful attitude does not help in any situation. It only causes additional risk of psychosomatic diseases, and the worries cause an increase in blood pressure that might lead to a stroke in the risk group.
  • Cholesterol and blood fats control. You should strictly follow the diet, avoiding all foods rich in cholesterol that is not only harmful for you, but, along with fat in blood, may also cause blockage of blood circulation, leading to a stroke.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that the person will never have a stroke when applying the tips mentioned above. There are a lot of factors influencing the occurring of the disease. However, following these simple tips, you will minimize the risk of stroke and with a high rate of probability would stay healthy.

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