Is your skin healthy? Tips to good skin care

Skin is very important to look hale and hearty and little do we know that it is the largest organ of our body. Radiant and glowing skin reflects volume not only on the personal grooming but also on your well being. Healthy skin is nothing but reflection of healthy diet and stress-free life. It is important that we spend some time on a regular basis to take care and maintain perfectly glowing and healthy skin.

What are the factors that affect skin health?

  • Food Habit and Daily Diet
  • External environment conditions
  • Natural process of aging
  • Lifestyle (stress and worries can have a negative impact on the skin suppleness)
  • Any major illness (injury due to accident as well being on prescription drugs)

Let us now have a close look at each of the factors and how we can affect a change on them such that skin reflects youthfulness and vitality.

Food habits and daily diet

Diet is the most important factor that needs a makeover with some additions, deletions and modifications to ensure smooth, soft and supple skin. The daily diet needs to be rich in fruits, green-leafy vegetables, foods with omega-3 fatty acids and most importantly food items containing vitamins, minerals and proteins. Thus a well-balanced diet coupled with drinking lot of water is essential for a well-maintained glowing skin. Water helps to flush out the toxic substances of the body and a balanced diet provides with correct combination of nutrients to keep all the organs functional and healthy.

Some healthy skin foods are sweet potatoes, turnip green that is not only rich source of beta-carotene but also possess anti-inflammatory characteristics. Addition of walnuts in your daily diet helps in skin regeneration and also acts as an antioxidant. Walnuts have also proved to improve blood circulation. Again the best vegetarian omega fatty acid is ground hempseed.


Environment affects through change of season when the skin dehydrate in extreme weather conditions. Apart from that, direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight has a negative impact on skin pigmentation and also change in skin texture. Under this circumstance hydration is very essential for an individual. One need to drink plenty of water and needs to apply good amount of moisturizer to prevent the skin from getting dried up. Additionally, to protect skin from the ultra violet rays of sunlight, it is advisable to wear hat, sunglasses and one need to apply moisturizer with SPF of 30 and above.


This is the natural process of having an impact on the skin. With age skin loses its freshness, it becomes more dried up, wrinkles begin to form and glow of the skin gets lost. It is here that skin specialist, beauticians, and nutritionists each in their respective niche advocates to take proper care of skin since the age of twenty. Apart from good diet and lot of water, one needs to exercise regularly to improve and maintain increased blood circulation to all parts of the body. Harsh skin care products and chemical cosmetics should always be avoided in most cases at all ages, with age; one must also learn how to live a relaxed life such that the negative impact on skin is minimized.


Another important aspect is how one leads life as it has greater effect in looking young with radiant skin. It is important that one quits smoking and reduces the level of alcohol consumption as both have high negative impact on skin. A cautious lifestyle change with developing healthy habits such as regular exercise, good sleep and healthy diet can leave your skin glowing.

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