Healthy Day Is on Its Way!

As diets don’t really work in a long-term perspective, what other ways can we find to both help our bodies to get unloaded and lessen digits on our home scales?

As diets don’t really work in a long-term perspective, what other ways can we find to both help our bodies to get unloaded and lessen digits on our home scales?

Rush of urban life leaves little time for ourselves as we struggle with work projects, try not to be late to various kinds of meetings, manage double and triple shifts doing housework and raising kids and also have to make sure we are doing okay when it comes to social requirements and expectations. Therefore attention we pay to our bodies mostly regards dieting in order to lose weight so that we would be more socially acceptable and ‘successful’.

The alternative we offer is having a healthy day. The things described below have altogether been a diet that claimed to help to get rid of extra weight, but as loss of weight many diets result into at first is, in fact, loss of body fluids, not fats, it may be much better to just keep these methods in mind and occasionally pick up something from the list below.

Purification Day

Occasionally we all end up with such a full stomach that it seems impossible to walk. Or we can realize that we have been eating junk food for too long already and our bodies must be fed up with it. That’s when purification is the way to go. A day spent on fruits, juices and water will be just fine to relieve the pressure that has been put on our digestive tract.

Restoration Day

Our digestive system needs friendly environment in order to work efficiently. If we want to help our bodies, sour milk products are extremely useful. Milk, curd, yoghurt will help proper colon work, support normal metabolism speed and bring necessary nutrients.

Energy Day

This day is definitely for everyone who has a sweet tooth out there! The only thing is, the sweets have to be healthy (and still limited). Honey, raisins, fruit and berry compotes will provide an energy boost and ensure high productivity level as well as common well-being.

Protein Day

As our bodies need protein badly, it is necessary to maintain its level in the system. However, if one suspects this level might have gone down, chicken or turkey fillet will be of a lot of help. Liquids and greens may be added, though keep in mind they have to not be ‘arguing’ in a stomach after a meal!

Fat-burning Day

Cellulose is an absolutely vital component for satiety that also has an advantage of taking a lot of energy for proper digestion. Oatmeal, raw vegetables and apples will safely challenge one’s system to burn fat while dealing with them in one’s stomach. Also, this menu is in itself very beneficial for people normally living and eating in a rush and choosing whatever is within easy reach.

The meals during every of these days should be small and divided into 4-7 portions eaten in approximately equal intervals. Also, people who are allergic to any of the foods mentioned above, who have recently been ill or are recovering at the moment should not consider taking one of such days. Consulting a doctor is also a requirement before starting any of these daily menus.

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