Top Foods to Lose Those Excessive Pounds

There is no need to take diet pills or consume only juices to control appetite and lose extra weight. The 2 diets you will read about can solve all weight problems you face currently.

  • Things you should avoid
    Before discussing foods promoting fat loss, let’s talk about some foods which can prevent your weight loss diet. Stay away from fad diets which do not contain any calories. Most of such diet programs recommend taking only juices in large amounts and make you starve. This can never provide positive results. It will just spoil your organs and slow down the metabolism. So, it would very beneficial for you to follow 100% natural eating plan containing good calories.
  • Protein for fat burning
    Foods high in protein are recommended for fast weight loss. Protein foods repair your muscles, stimulate intense growth, and so on. And when muscles get stronger, lowering fat amounts will become easier. As a matter of fact the metabolic process rises with the muscles growth. That’s why you should provide more foods high in proteins to the body.


    This is of crucial importance for the breakfast to include a large number of proteins. When the stomach is absolutely empty and loaded with rich calories, the body will greatly increase the metabolism. Fat burning fat gets really fast here. You may eat maize, cereals, dhal, pulses and wheat for breakfast. The diet together with some yogurt will speed up the metabolism to a really high level.

  • Fibre food
    Another food group you should take in large amounts is fibre foods. As a matter of fact food rich in fibre will promote easy digestion in the body. And if the calories consumed are burnt, it’s no need to deposit the fats. The hormones burning fat increase, when you consume more fibre foods enabling the body to melt excessive fats fast.


    Fibre rich foods eliminate harmful toxins from your blood, cleansing it. It is recommended to choose whole grains, leafy vegetables, beans, different vegetable soups, fruits, etc. Fibres fill your stomach easily, giving you a lighter feeling.

The mix of protein and fibre rich food together with good carbs and fats is to all intents and purposes the best diet plan to reach great results in fast weight loss. Follow the instructions from this article and you will be able to melt away up to 50 pounds in only 8 weeks.


  1. I would not advise you to lose 50 pounds in 8 weeks. The maximum recommended weight loss is 2 pounds a week. Anything above this can result in health problems. I agree with the other suggestions in the article – but don't forget to exercise every day.

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