Fun Methods for You to Burn up to 200 Calories

Decreasing the intake of calorie is a part of weight loss, together with burning excessive calories being physically active. There are actually quite a number of methods to burn about 200 calories and you don’t have to attend a gym or start running. People are often dreading performing exercises but they forget that any other activities making your body break a bit sweat will raise the energy expenditure. Let’s talk about the ways you can speed up the metabolism easily and having fun.

1. Ice skating can burn 200 calories in just 20 minutes
When was the last time you skated? Blue sky, cold weather, snow and frozen lakes. But actually you don’t have to wait now for the winter as there are many indoor ice skating platforms you can use.

2. Inline skating can burn about 200 calories in only 25 minutes
Inline skating is quite similar to the ice skating. However here you don’t need to do this in cold. And that is the good news, especially for the people who don’t like cold. All you need is to go out, put on inline skaters and that’s it – you are ready to go. You should locate smooth tarred roads to make fun. You will get fast on inline skates, but always wear protection.

3. Dancing for 30 minutes burns up to 200 calories
Spend nights at clubs was actually all the way good for you. You may not have met your love there but you had managed to burn some calories trying to attract the opposite sex. Actually to burn excessive calories you don’t have to pay for the entrance, you can put on the music you like and start shaking your body.

4. 60 minutes of shopping
We can do it, girls, can’t we? And there is no need to invent excuses. We just go to burn excessive weight.

5. Frisbee for 60 min
This surely may feel like exercise, however this is also can become a great fun. So next time you go to a park or beach, do not forget packing the picnic basket to take a Frisbee disk. This will be really much of a help for your weight loss.

Now you can see that doing simple things that are fun can be also used as a great and effective way in burning extra calories.

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