Simple Hair Mask Protein Treatment

Why a protein mask is good and beneficial? It is highly nutritious and helps your hair to grow better and faster simultaneously repairing and treating it. If you use protein masks frequently, you lessen the probability of hair damage, splitting and prevents it from getting brittle.

You can easily make a protein mask by mixing eggs and olive oil. One more option is to use honey and coconut oil. In order to make a mask take 2 eggs and blend them until they are wholly blended. After that, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and mix again. Then apply the mixture to the hair and leave there for an hour. Wash with shampoo and style as you like.

Instead of olive oil you can use coconut one as it has already been mentioned. Honey will also be very beneficial for your hair as it contains so many nutrients and in general it is very useful for the organism.

After the mask application you are also advised to use apple cider to rinse the mane out. It is not really compulsory but it will also benefit for your hair. Take 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar and mix it with water (1 liter). Use this mixture to rinse your hair in order to make them smoother. After that, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse again.

Protein mask is better to be done once a month. However, brisk and dry hair may require more frequent application. Protein mask is really good at making you hair grow faster and healthier. You can also use some herbal hair oils. The latter is as well beneficial for the hair growth process improvement. Take care of your hair and it will look amazing.


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