Foods for Winter to Stay Fit and Luminous

What to eat at winter to keep fit and healthy? What are nutrition habits to stay luminous? How to lose excessive weight? A few tips on healthy and tasty eating at cold season.

What to eat at winter to keep fit and healthy? What are nutrition habits to stay luminous? How to lose excessive weight? A few tips on healthy and tasty eating at cold season.

It’s very important to take care about your winter diet, as variety of foods is much less than in other seasons, and physical activity is relatively low. But when you now about the right foods for winter, which combine health benefit and excellent taste, it’s a much easier task. Diet with such foods will help you to enjoy cold season and even lose some extra weight.


One of the greatest ways to start your day! Just drink a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon and raw honey. This energy cocktail starts digestion, clears stomach and the whole artery system and has excellent alkalizing qualities (due to lemon), that actually prevents ageing and boost metabolism. But remember to eat your breakfast not later that in 30 minutes after such drink.


This fruit is rich in antioxidants, far more than other fruits. According to the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, pomegranate juice helps to prevent free radicals from oxidizing “bad” cholesterol, and bad cholesterol might cause a plaque in the arteries. Moreover, pomegranate stimulates flood flow in the body, in this way it helps to regulate body weight, and even reduce excessive body weight. This fruit is also a great support for hearts health of people with myocardial ischemia.


This spicy food is very beneficial and keeps warm to your body during cold season. Chilly is also perfect is boosting and stimulating digestion that naturally slows down at winter. Chilli peppers is rich in capsaicin that stimulates metabolism and decreases the body weight.


These might be kale, spinach, mustard greens, collards and chards, which are very rich in vitamin C, A and K. Moreover, mustard greens and collards are great sources of folate, necessary for women of childbearing age. It might be a good idea to add a few cups of dark green leafy vegetables in your morning smoothie that will be an energy bomb for you due to fiber and chlorophyll (chlorophyll’s structure is very similar to human cells’ structure, thus it’s a great source of oxygen). Also wholegrain pasta with spinach and salmon is a great choice for winter diet, as it gives you healthy carbs from pasta, fiber and folate from spinach and good fats from salmon. And it’s so yummy!


Ginger is one of the greatest foods to stay healthy and fit at winter, especially in combination with citrus and natural honey. For centuries ginger tea was known as the best to take during winter times to boost metabolism, promote blood flow and regulate excessive body weight. Moreover, this food has the thermogenic properties and helps to keep your body warm.


Mushrooms are not only low in calories and nutritious at the same time that naturally helps you not to overeat during the ‘couch season’; they are also rich in vitamin D and is one of the best foods to destroy infection of winter season. It might be a good idea to cook a creamy mushroom soup or bake them in oven and serve with healthy side dish.

Just follow these simple tips, be attentive to your body, take care of it and your body will be fit and good-looking.


  1. In winter many times immunity power decreased due to cold which results in illness. Eating healthy food in such cold can help us to stay fit and gain immunity power. I am obliged for this article, it is helpful to survive through cold.

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