Is Dieting Bad for You

A lot of people who are concerned about their weight problems have tried different diet plans. However, the sad truth is that all of them very only temporary effective. In the majority of cases the lost weight got back and the previous forms returned. In such a situation an adequate question will be, whether dieting is really good for health.

Most of the diet plans presuppose that you should cut out one of the essential food groups. Therefore, if you are on a non-carbohydrate diet, it means that you do not consume any carbohydrates; which is unhealthy and every dietician will tell you this. Carbohydrates are the source of energy and they are vital for the organism. As well as proteins and fats. That is why all the nutrients should be present in the diet however severe it may be. Otherwise, such restrictions will cause deficiency in the body and this is extremely unhealthy.

As well as ineffective in many cases. Most of the diet effects are temporary and as long as a person can not live with all the food restrictions all along, all the pounds that were so hardly shed get back. The weight gets back and a person feels upset again. It is really hard to keep up with all the restrictions that various diets suggest and it takes a lot of effort. Therefore, a person feels even worse watching all the efforts gone wasted. That is why it is better not to diet but to stick to a healthy diet plan instead.

Moreover, such failure in achieving a long-lasting effect with weight loss is fraught with stress and depression. It is not really good for a person’s well-being in the first place. Stress, as it is well known, causes different health problems and it is very bad as it adds to the whole condition.

Therefore, if you take into consideration all the aforementioned facts, it is justly to say that diets are bad for health. And even more so as it concerns body and mind. It is much more effective and healthier to follow a healthy diet plan that includes balanced food in all its variety and exercise on a regular basis. Such a combination will help to achieve your goals.

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