Safe Dieting Is the Best

Safe dieting is always better. When the word dieting is heard the images of miserable starving people come into mind. However, this should not be like this. A safe diet presupposes that that you keep up with some set of eating habits. This means that you eat fewer calories and burn more than you generally used to. Such a plan helps you to lose some extra pounds.

Under a safe diet is not understood any particular diet plan. Instead, it is more about your choices of healthy foods. However, you should discuss the effect even of the safest of diets provided you are pregnant or suffer from any heart condition or serious illness.

With a proper and safe diet you will be able to lose a pound a week. Some people will find this pretty slow, however, it is the healthiest way to change a lifestyle. Crash diets have never done any good, really. And, moreover, it is pretty hard to stick to the weight that was lost so fast, it is likely to come back in no time.

The fastest way to lose way is to burn 500 calories a day. This can be achieved by eating 250 calories less and exercising more so that 250 calories more were burnt. In a week you will lose 3500 calories, or one pound. You can do it by restricting the intake of some fatty foods and including a regular walk for about 40 minutes. Such a walk alone is able to burn 250 calories. Really, it is not very complicated maths.

One more thing: do not take any pills or any other medications that are not approved by FDA. Do not let the colorful advertising fool you with the promises of miracle slimming. It is not normal when you are suggested to shed so many pounds that you will be able to wear a dress 10 sizes smaller. Such products’ after effects were the causes of many lawsuits and you’d better stay away from such “wonders”.

It is mostly celebrities who inspire us to follow these fad and unhealthy diets. However, it is better, wiser and healthier to take Kirstie Alley and now Ricki Lake as an example. Safe dieting, balanced eating and regular exercise are the key to success.

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