Homemade Remedies – Hair Thickening Masks

Hair masks add strength, moisture, shine and softness to hair. They provide deep penetration of nutrients to thicken hair. The good news is that some great thickening hair masks you can make at home. Home hair remedies help to control what you put on the scalp and fine strands. And it’s fun as you can experiment with various components like, for instance essential oils, organic extracts, fruit.

To enhance the effectiveness you should use the recipes given below every week.

Nourishing recipe
A ripe banana mashed and mixed with an egg is a good start. Blend the mix till it is smooth. Add flat beer (half a cup), honey (a tablespoon), then blend thoroughly. Apply the mask to all the hair and the scalp. Leave it on the head for a couple hours and wash with a mild shampoo.

Protein recipe to thicken your hair
Take an all natural conditioner so that to increase the volume applying some mayonnaise with an egg. In order to add moisture, you should mix in some olive oil and honey (a tablespoon). Let it stay on the hair for half an hour and wash out. The recipe contains a bit of protein that may make your hair slightly hard or stiff. It is important after shampooing to apply a moisturizing conditioner. Thus you will not have dryness that often results in hair breakage.

Worries away as the recipe is certain to have the frizzies tamed fast! To prepare a de-frizz mask you need some honey (1 cup), yogurt (1 cup) and almond oil (a tablespoon). Mix the ingredients and then massage into the hair beginning from root and till the very ends. Leave on the head for 20 minutes and wash using a mild shampoo.

Egg and Beer Mask
Beer helps to thicken hair, making it look the full with volume. It also contains proteins that make hair shiny and healthy. Take an egg. Separate the white from the yolk. Use only the yolk blending it with 50ml of beer, make sure they get mixed really well. Apply the mixture to damp hair and cover with a shower cap. After that you’re your head with a towel. Let it stay for half an hour. Shampoo it out, rinse thoroughly and use a moisturizing conditioner. Avoid using if you have allergy to any component.

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