The Best Diet Plans of 2017

For those who look for a most reliable and healthy diet plan this year – good news. Specialists in the field have reviewed most popular and (what is more important!) most effective diets and here is what they recommend.

Here are the best and the most suitable balanced diets in accordance to the latest US News & World Report:

The Dash Diet

DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. As you can already guess, the dash diet is a special diet for hypertension patients. The major objective of this diet is to reduce the amount of sodium and at the same time to increase the amount of foods that contain a lot of potassium, magnesium and calcium. These are the most important nutrients for hypertension alleviation. The dash diet also comes handy for such conditions’ prevention as heart disease and diabetes.

Dash pros include:

  • It is heart friendly
  • It is nutritionally sound

Dash cons include:

  • It will require some effort to maintain the pace
  • It can be expensive to execute fully

The Mediterranean Diet

It has long been observed that people living around the Mediterranean seas do not suffer as much as Americans do from cancer and other ailments such as heart disease. They also tend to have higher life expectancy. This has been attributed to living an active lifestyle and having a diet that is skimpy on red meat, sugar and saturated fat. The Mediterranean diet is based on consumption of large amounts of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods that are healthy.

The aim of the Mediterranean diet is to induce weight loss, improve the health of vital organs such as the brain and the heart while preventing or controlling cancer and diabetes. This diet is not structured like other diets, which means that you’ll be responsible for determining how many calories you need to eat with regards to your purpose and objective.

Diet Pros:

  • It is nutritionally sound
  • It features diverse foods and flavors

Diet cons:

  • It requires a lot of effort to maintain the pace and progress of the diet
  • It can be a bit expensive to carry out effectively

The Mind Diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay)

This diet is aimed focuses on healthy foods for the brain and it is is beneficial in terms of cognitive functions’ decline prevention. The clincher is that you stand the chance of lowering the risk of senility and mental decline, even if you do not strictly adhere to the Mind diet.

Diet Pros:

  • You get the best of Dash+Mediterranean diets
  • Comes with a brain power boost

Diet Cons:

  • It’s not a fully fleshed out diet plan
  • Recipes and other resources are currently not available

What You Need When Looking for a Diet

The first thing is to be absolutely sure and ready for the lifestyle change that this will require. Think about and settle any time management issues you might have, as well as including your social support structure in your plans. Your family, friends and co-workers will be essential for your success.

Adhere to the Art (and Theme) of Eating Well

While there are many health diet plans out there, it is important that whichever plan you choose adheres to solid nutrition principles that will help you get good health and watch your weight. You should stick to a diet that promotes the eating a lot of vegetables that have seen little or no processing and is heavy on fruits, grains (whole) and other plant products. This diet should also have water as its favorite drink for quenching thirst.

Plan for Endurance

If you want to go fast, then you should go alone. However, if you want to go far, then you should have a team working with you. Co-opt friends and family to hold your hand and to keep you accountable to the demands of your diet plan. In this way, you will have enough strength and endurance to last in the marathon that is your healthy diet plan.

There are a myriad diet plans and nutrition experts waiting to sell you on their latest recipes, supplements and books. While some of this is undoubtedly important, in the end, staying active and eschewing a sedentary lifestyle with an emphasis on healthy eating will trump any diet!

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