Health Benefits of Vitamins

Few of us have the privilege of saying that our diet needs no supplementation. We know scientifically now what was known to farmers and ranchers in the past. Yet we must sort out food hype from solid fact. Some years back I remember hearing that vitamins only made for expensive urine. That has now changed and we now are beginning to catch up with our veterinary colleges and recognize that many diseases can be prevented or cured with vitamins and minerals.

Vanadium and chromium are important in preventing and controlling hypoglycemia, hypoglycemic hyperactivity and diabetes melitis. Bismuth helps prevent ulcers. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are good antioxidants and help control ageing problems and prevent heart attack. Vitamin E, Beta carotene and selenium help prevent cancer. Chicken cartilage or Knox gelatin helps prevent degenerative arthritis. Vitamin E helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease Copper may prevent aneurysm and keep elastic tissue strong and it may decrease herniated disk disease. Selenium may help prevent cardiomyopathy. Tin may help prevent baldness. Boron may help prevent decreased hormone production. Zinc may help prevent decreased smell. Vitamin D and Calcium prevent osteoporosis. Calcium by itself may decrease hypertension and control premenstrual tension.

Watch that the form of the vitamin or mineral is colloidal and preferably liquid. Plants do that for us, but the coating of the vitamin or mineral tablet may prevent it from being adsorbed. A wide variety of vegetables and fruits is very healthy. When you eat butter get the real stuff and dilute it with canola oil. Use powdered skim milk for thickening. Talk to your doctor about his experience.

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