Excessive Alcohol Intake – a Cause behind Obesity

Alcohol is a good thing once in a while but, if taken continuously, it can cause certain health problems and even be a reason behind your obesity. It is never the main cause but it contributes greatly into the process of weight gain provided that all the other unfavorable factors evoking obesity are present.

One drink a day for a woman and two drinks for a man are considered moderate and in some cultures even a norm. It has also been proved by various researches that certain alcohol beverages in moderation are even beneficial and useful for health as they are capable of lessening the risk of development of such illnesses as heart disease and diabetes. However, excessive intake of alcohol can do no good and apart from health problems and heavy load put onto the liver it can evoke obesity.

A person requires a certain amount of calories in order to live normally through the day. The excess of calories should be burnt by physical activity if a person wants to keep fit and slim. Otherwise, all the consumed calories that the organism considers excessive are stored into fat.  Such alcoholic beverages as beer, rum, wine, whiskey are pretty high in calories, so if you have nutritious meals throughout the day and add alcohol every time, you are likely to have a lot more calories than you actually need. It is a common wrong belief that calories come only with food. A lot of rinks are pretty nutritious when it comes to calorie count, though, people seem oblivious about it. However, here are the facts: a glass of red or white wine ranges between 70-75 in calorie count, while1.5 oz whiskey gives you 97 calories and a can of beer about 135-145 calories.

Women and alcohol are a separate issue. Women react differently on alcohol and apart from the mutual health problems such as weight gain and liver problems, women tend to develop beast cancer, provided they fall on alcohol. Even 3 glasses of wine a day can be enough to trigger the condition. Moreover, heavily drinking women are likely to fail if they want to conceive. When it comes to pregnant and nursing women, alcohol should be an absolute no: it can be harmful for a baby and a fetus.

It is also a wrong belief that alcohol suppresses appetite; it actually intensifies it and makes you eat more. This is even more unfavorable for health provided that you like to combine fatty foods with alcohol. By doing so you intake even more calories.

For a person who has got a favorite drink it is pretty hard to control how much of it is consumed a day. In this case water can be of real help. It keeps you well-hydrated and satiates thirst as nothing else. Therefore, you will no feel the need to drink other beverages that frequently if you have a glass of water now and then. Moreover, water reduces the next morning hangover. It is also recommended not to combine alcohol with foods high in fat.

Obesity is not a very pleasant condition and if you do not want to develop it, you’d rather control what you eat and what you drink. Alcohol can be a rare treat but avoid drinking it too often. Apart from the possible risk of developing cancer, heart and nervous disorders, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, it also leads to malnutrition, depression and anxiety, and you are likely to become overweight. Therefore, take a motto saying that moderation is a key to healthy living.

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