Cell Phone Addiction Liberation – How It is Done

By 2015 over a billion people own a smartphone worldwide and by April 2015 the cell phone lines in Spain were more than 53.6 million which represented a 1.4% increase over the previous year. Data even shows that younger children now use cell phones as about 30% of 10-year-old Spanish children use a cell phone. The phones are used for a wide range of tasks from calling to checking emails and use of social media.

Some online business transactions are even done using the phone. The mobile phone users are now makeup to more than 30% of the internet users. Till date only compulsive gambling has been recognized as a behavioral addiction, others are seen as impulse disorders. Addictive behaviors could come from the phone itself, search for information, cybersex, and interaction compulsions (social media, games, etc.) and cyber contacts . Some survey research has shown that many addicts would rather give up eating, bathing, eating chocolate and even having sex than live without their phones. According to a study, it was seen that self-proclaimed addicts spent shorter times on social applications, surfing the internet or checking their emails or SMS on the phone than non-addicts but did these activities more frequently so spent more time on the phone overall.

Cell phone addictions become harmful if it interferes with daily life. Such interferences include:

  • Problematic and conscious use in dangerous and prohibited situations for example while driving or operating dangerous machinery .
  • Repeated mental, family, social and work interruptions with social and family conflicts as a result of this behavior. Addicts prefer the cell phone over physical contact.
  • Excessive urgency, tolerance, and dependence associated with using the cell phone and frequent use of cell phones to achieve satisfaction or to suppress depression. It can come with insomnia.
  • Anxiety and stress when unable to use the cell phone or to send a message and receive one immediately.
  • About 22.1% of adolescents are considered to be phone addicts with about 5.35% showing dangerous habits.

How to Overcome Your Addiction:

Do not despair if cannot break the habit overnight. This may take several days or months. The concept of cell phone addiction has brought about new terminologies in pathology they include Nomophobia which means “No-Mobile-Phobia”, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) which means the fear of being without a cell phone, disconnected or off the Internet, “Textaphrenia” and “Ringxiety” which causes a false sensation of receiving a text message or call that leads to constant checking of phones, and Textiety which is the anxiety of receiving and responding immediately to text messages.

Here Are Some Tips for Overcoming Your Addictions and Living Freely Again.

1. Eliminate your unlimited internet plan: Many mobile advisors approve of an unlimited internet plan. This may be good for non-addicts, but it’s a double-edged sword since if you know it’s unlimited, you’ll be all day on the internet. However, if you know that you have a reduced amount of megabytes, you will be more moderate in your navigation. You may have problems at first but you’ll be fine.

2. Delete those apps: Even if it sounds drastic, it’s a good idea to delete Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram applications from your phone. If you do not have them installed, you want to make it more difficult for you to access your social networks as the fatigue helps in curtailing your addiction.

3. Say no to the charger: Just think about this: when you have low battery and do not have a charger, you only use the cell phone for what is strictly necessary, right? Well, if from the time you leave your home you know that your battery has to last for the day and that there is no place to charge it, you will only use the phone when you really need it.

4. Kill the notifications: When you keep notifications for your social networks active on your screen, you are tempted to respond to a humorous comment from your friend on Facebook or a tweet in which you were mentioned. If you set up your phone so that notifications do not arrive, you will only hear them when you access the application directly, not in real time.

5. Honor thy father and mother: “The phone was made to shorten distances, not to lengthen them!” Says the classic saying of dads who wanted to save on the landline account.

6. Since you are saving a few greenbacks and you are NOT paying for an unlimited data plan, you can chat with your friends the old fashioned way, invite them for coffee. Or you can make an appointment at night to see and speak face to face via Skype with your parents.

7. Thou shalt keep the Sabbath: Sundays are not for work so DO NOT check your mail on weekends. Working with a good hardcover book, for example, can be an alternative to those times out in which you use the cell phone for leisure. Instead, if you are immersed in reading you will want to take every moment to read and read until you finish the book. You can even go to the movies with a friend or your significant other. This strengthens relationships and is a more constructive use of your holidays.

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