Psychosomatics: Pain Response to Problems in Life

Have you or anyone you know experienced the situation when you have pain or high fever without any feasible reason? And the doctors just say that everything is ok and they do not see the cause of the problem? It is clear, you have a psychosomatic situation as a response to stress and problems in life. It can also happen that due to some behavioural trends, like an insult or inability to find understanding among your loved ones or colleagues, on a physical level you feel it as a pain.

So, what is your body’s response to stress and mental pressure? The types of pain differ, just like its causes.


Usually, the people, who experience often headaches, are overwhelmed with thoughts that cause stress, or try to suppress their emotions with the help of will originating in the brain. Migraine is one of such psychosomatic manifestations.


Teeth problems are usually the indication that the person experiencing them is very undetermined. It is the manifestation of difficult real-life situations, when you either cannot cope with the circumstances or cannot take responsibility for your decisions.

Lower back

The pain in the lower back indicates the conflicts, it can be either the conflict with someone in the past or internal conflict within you. It indicates guilt and shows that the person is eager to possess something to be able to feel more self-assured.

Excessive weight

If the person has excessive weight, it means that they feel unprotected. Subconsciously, they try to gain more weight and more substance in life to be able to feel protected. Usually, people with excessive weight were mocked in childhood, which has lead to the desire to achieve and become more substantial in the eyes of other people.


If you have stomach pain without any obvious reasons for that, the most likely cause is that you are often worried. Such people lack determination, are often afraid and feel despair and hopelessness.

As you can see, psychosomatic factors are quite widespread. Even adults with high self-esteem have these symptoms. If you or someone you know suffers them, try to convince yourself and the people around that there are more important things to consider in present and that the past is something that everyone has to cope with. If this will not help, visit a psychiatrist, as there can be various factors leading to psychosomatic problems and each case is very individual.

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