Green Diet to Look Great and Be Healthy in Summer

Summer is time when everybody wants to feel and look great. And in most cases this means first of all weight loss. This implies burning more calories you get with food. So, we recommend thinking green for the summer.

Green color symbolizes prosperity, nature (trees), emotions (envy). Green is a good idea to deal with a summer diet. Actually green diet implies everything we take and ingest in the body. Following a green diet is to be wealthy and healthy, wealthy.

As a matter of fact Green diet means the body taking in the sun. Everybody knows that the sun is a vitamin D source. The sun helps us to get rid of toxins by sweating. As we cleanse the body, we should consume much water so that to hydrate and also expedite the cleansing. The sun is especially good for you in the morning. 15 minutes of the green rays of sun is very beneficial. But you are to be careful spending time outside in the afternoon as this can be too hot.

Green diet means consuming a healthy dosage of different green vegetables. Cabbage, lettuce, spinach, green beans, broccoli, as well as other green veggies are rich in different nutrients conducive to your health. It is important that green vegetables help to cleanse the body removing all harmful toxins. This is one of the main features that green vegetables possess.

For instance, if we imagine the situation when the sanitation department cannot pick the garbage from the neighborhood and it just keeps piling, in this case our neighborhood soon will become very filthy and dirty. We should clean the neighborhoods. The same situation is with the body. We are to keep cleaning and maintaining the digestion, the circulatory system and all other body systems.

Another aspect concerning green vegetables lies in the fact that they provide large amounts of alkaline. And alkaline is known to oppose acid. As a matter of fact there are many discussions in terms of keeping the body more alkaline rather than acid. The issue needs a closer look. But it is an indisputable fact that green vegetables give us great levels of alkaline and as it is believed alkaline stimulates the flow of blood and other body aspects.

So let’s think green to lose weight and look great this summer. First of all take in sun and eat green vegetables. And the summer will be green and happy.

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