Teenagers and Weight Problems

Weight problems for teenagers can become pretty dramatic and even traumatic experience. Though, the whole problem is just a couple of extra pounds, it seems much more than that to some teens. Overweight is felt as a disaster because the age is very sensitive and a negative body image is frequently a source of mates’ mocking and jeers. In some cases it all ends up with serious depression. None of the parents want their children to be overweight as none of them wish their kids to be miserable. However, it is not always easy for the parents to explain certain things to their kids. Still, they are to be explained and certain measures need to be taken.

The most essential thing is to make your kids understand the difference between some of the most wide-spread myths and actual truths about losing weigh and diets. Information is available nowadays in abundance due to Internet only let along other sources. However, your kid should be aware that not all the things that he or she can read on various websites or pick up at school are actually true. Here is a couple of myths so often wrongly believed.

Myth #1 You will surely gain pounds if you eat late at night.
Fact: Excess of calories in turned into fat no matter when you have these calories consumed – in the morning or in the evening. Therefore, plan your calorie intake so that calories get burned not stored.

Myth #2 A strict diet is the surest way to get slim.
Fact: First thing to understand here is that a strict diet is never a healthy one. You need various nutrients in order to be healthy. With a strict diet you will feel deprived and exhausted and irritated. It is wiser to opt for a flexible and more lenient diet plan that meets your nutrition requirements and is not severely restricting. Add some activity to your lifestyle instead – this will produce much better effect both for figure and well-being.

Myth #3 Everything that is considered less than healthy should be avoided.
Fact: It will be hard, and there is no actual need to restrict yourself so severely from some treats that you deserve. Self-control is important, of course but this does not mean that you can not have ice-cream sometimes.

Myth #4 Weight loss process is more efficient, if you skip meals.
Fact: Contrariwise, skipping, skipping meals can lead to even more weight gain. Reduction in metabolic rate is fraught with hunger pangs, which leads to overeating in its turn. Therefore, you should better eat more frequently in smaller amounts.

Myth #5 If you avoid carbs, fats and dairy products, you will lose pounds faster.
Fact: In order to function properly our organism needs of types of nutrition and cutting out some of them can affect your health. Any diet is better to be discussed with a physician beforehand.

Try to explain to your kid that growing process is frequently connected with weight gain. Hormonal changes evoke different processes in the body and every organism is changing individually: some kids are more prone to weight gain, some less. Another thing that should be explained, that proper diet and sufficient exercise are essential. Healthy foods and staying active is two things that should be a part of a lifestyle in any age and especially in this age.

The earlier your kids will learn healthy eating habits the better the results will be and the fewer problems will be faced later. In case your kid have got weight problems, do not neglect the condition and delay the measures that should be taken. You should help your kid to solve this problem by proper guidance and advice. The earlier you start the better.

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